Walk along the Beach

Beach Walk  watercolour pencils and ink.  Journal page

Beach Walk watercolour pencils and ink. Journal page

One of my favourite things to do in winter is to walk along the beach with my dog.  There has been a few dogs now that I have done this with, Hannah my latest is dog number four.  The one thing that always makes me smile when walking a dog is how far they walk compared with you.  I wander in a fairly straight line while they dart all over the place going at least four times the distance as I do.  You know with the keen sense of smell that there is so much more for them to discover, I feel rather left out sometimes.  But them considering what they like to stick their noses into, perhaps not.

Hannah at the Beach at Lorne

Hannah at the Beach at Lorne

While walking Hannah along the beach at Lorne yesterday a noticed all our prints on the wet sand on the way back and thought what a great pattern they would make, so at lunch time I started the picture.  I think it shows how the walk along the beach went.


11 responses to “Walk along the Beach

  1. Footprints make wonderful patterns on sand – they make me think of maps, and that is the kind of feeling you have captured!

  2. I love a winter beach but have no use for a beach in summer – too hot. Your watercolour conveys the joy of your relationship with the beach. Hannah looks happy under such a blue blue sky.

  3. I love this! It makes me want to bring my dogs and join you. What paint do you use? They are vibrant and beautiful!

  4. You certainly made me laugh at this posting. I feel like my dogs always run 4 miles to my one mile when off leash! Hannah is a cutie! 😀

  5. Oh this is a fun one! Love the colors…

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