Another Pattern Done

Pattern No 3, coloured Pencils, glass beads and embroidery thread 21 x 21cm

Pattern No 3, coloured Pencils, glass beads and embroidery thread 21 x 21cm

I finished another of my patterns the other day and have just got around to taking a photo of the finished piece.  As I love a good show and tell on how art is created I did some of my own this time to share.

I started with the background and drew a grid and drew some pattern on it with pen, then coloured it in with coloured pencils, for this one I them chopped them up into squares and glued them down, I wanted them to look like tiles.

Pattern 3 Construction 1

Pattern 3 Construction 1

When ever I cut out a paper shape I make sure that I colour the edges, it gives the shape more definition and finish.  I find the PITT artist pens with the brush end the best for this and they come in such a great range of colours too.  The brush ends will also go over pencil fairly well.

Next I did the squares using some of the colours from the colour scheme below.  The top square also had a pen design on it to give more texture to the design.

Colour Scheme from Design Seeds

Colour Scheme from Design Seeds

Each tile goes through a number of processes, the are drawn, a pattern put on it, coloured in with at least three different colours and these have white or a pale colour over the top to blend them, the edges are inked, then a hole if punched into the centre then they are embossed to make them curve for more interest and texture.

Pattern 3 Construction 2 Embossing the tiles

Pattern 3 Construction 2 Embossing the tiles

Next step is to sew on the background with the embroidery thread and then finally sew on the tiles and add the bead to the centre.  it is weird, but fun to be sewing onto paper, it takes me way back to kindergarten and we would sew into cards with wool to make pictures.  I love the mix of mediums and the twist it gives the work.

Pattern 3 Construction 3 Sewing the tiles and beads on.

Pattern 3 Construction 3 Sewing the tiles and beads on.

There it is done!  approximately 10 hours of work all up.  Well not all done, I still have to figure out how it is to be hung or framed and what to call it.  Anna Warren kindly suggested ‘Grid Series’ which I liked but grid sounded a bit short or harsh to me so I did a bit of wandering through the dictionary and starting with grid wandered around and came up with reticulated – to form a network and interlaced and motifs.  So at the moment I am considering Reticulated Motifs, Interlaced Patterns or Interlaced Motifs for the series and then individual names for each one.  Feedback on name very welcome.




11 responses to “Another Pattern Done

  1. I can see how much you are loving doing these. The finished product looks quite quilt-like – bringing to mind warmth and comfort – which is perfect for this time of year.

  2. My comment was going to say how much this seems like a quilt, and I see Julie has already said it! Maybe it is the almost puffy quality of the panels. The colours are great, and it is fascinating to see how you create the piece – the embossing is a good idea. ‘Reticulated’ is a great word, and perfect for these.

    • Thanks Anna, I agree with you and Julie, they are quilt like. I love quilts, but they take me too long to do. This will be my speedy version of it. I like reticulated too, it has a technical feel. Karen

  3. Hi Karen, you seem to be having such fun with your work at the moment it is a joy to see. I love the idea of the doggy footprints in the sand and these paper and thread pieces remind me of kaleidoscope patters, it looks like they could spin and twist a little. Colours are great, and thanks for putting me onto the Seeds thingie via Pinterest. Sue

    • Sue, the Seeds colour palettes have been really useful, I am glad you like them. Really enjoying the new pieces, I like that they are more than just drawing, working with a range a materials is fun. Karen

  4. Wow! Absolutely wonderful Karen! Taking paper into 3D is terrific! Oh, and the embossing…. So looking forward to your next! 🙂 Gale

  5. this looks like a lovely pattern for a quilt !

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  7. I get you on the time it takes to make quilts. I am still working on some hand-pieced and embroidered ones from the 1990s! Not to mention how it hurts the back to baste it in a frame. I am unable to hand quilt due to severe RSI, but even machine quilting takes time.

    I enjoyed seeing how you actually do this, and the shading process. You can be Matisse and do paper cut-outs. Isn’t it great how creative people always find a way.

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