Sketching in Vaughn Springs

Douglas Fir Cone Journal Page Jul 14

Douglas Fir Cone Journal Page Jul 14

In my new quest to sketch more from life, I did a few sketches while I was taking my dog for a walk at an old mining area near Castlemaine called Vaughan Springs.

Castlemaine/Daylesford area is known for its gold mining and mineral springs and these were combined at Vaughan Springs.  There is a lovely park there were you can walk along tasting the different springs, they are all supposed to taste differently, but I am not a connoisseur and they all taste pretty awful to me.

Vaughan Mineral Springs

Vaughan Mineral Springs

We walked along the creek for a little while until we came to Central Spring, so I did this sketch of the spring pump beside the stream.  Hannah went hunting through the undergrowth trying to catch some rabbits.  She wasn’t too impressed by the halt to her walk and kept coming up and putting her nose in journal, then huffing and heading off on further adventure.  Its a tough life for a dog putting up with all these silly human notions that spoil a good walk.

Vaughan Springs Journal Page Jul 14  Ink and water colour pencils

Vaughan Springs Journal Page Jul 14 Ink and water colour pencils

On the way back we passed by these fir trees in ‘flower’ just laden with pollen, I couldn’t resist tapping them to see the pollen fly and that was so much fun I tugged on the branch and was nearly engulfed by the pollen.  Not such a great idea I didn’t stop sneezing for the next 10 minutes.

Pollen Shower

Pollen Shower

When I got home I did the sketch of a Douglas fir cone I found on the way.  I just love sketching, and just don’t know why I don’t do it more.


7 responses to “Sketching in Vaughn Springs

  1. Lovely sketches! I live with lots of Douglas Firs and I’m so happy not to be moving into spring pollen time. You captures the fir cone beautifully!

    • Thanks. I have not been around these trees before, did not expect them to have that much pollen. Definitely would not be good for my hay fever.

      • You wouldn’t do well in our valley. Way too much pollen. I used to be immune to it, but it’s caught up with me. I love it here so I’ll continue to put up with it.

  2. Lovely drawing Karen! I had no idea that fir cones produced pollen like that – just looking at the cloud makes me want to sneeze!

  3. Oh boy – that pollen! That would have been the death of me. Whatever art you make it always has your unmistakable stamp on it.

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