Still Sketching

Still trying to catch you all up on what I have been doing, much more drawing than posting has been happening.

Morning cuppa Journal Page

Morning cuppa Journal Page

Here are some more sketches that I have done.  One of the Sketch Book Skools assignments was to draw your everyday things and my ritual in the morning when I get to work is to make a cup of herbal tea.  (I usually drink coffee, but to limit my consumption and I have taken to lemon and ginger tea so I can sip it through the morning or until my mid-morning coffee.)  As I coffee drinker I was always jealous of the gorgeous teapots and cups of the tea drinker, so when I started on the herbal teas at work I had to have a cute little pot and some gorgeous porcelain cups.  It is the small things that make the working day civilized.

Retro Cups Journal Page Jul 14

Retro Cups Journal Page Jul 14

So here is a qick drawing of my cup and pot and then another of a collection of 50s teacups of my mother.  She has the best collection of tea cups.



6 responses to “Still Sketching

  1. Ooh – love the idea of your civilized tea at work. And how lovely to make art work of the cups and saucers. Just looking at this makes me want to make myself a cup of herbal tea. However I am upstairs – kitchen downstairs – so in my current lazy state, I probably won’t!

    • I decided a couple of years ago that if I was going to be spending all this time in an office that it could have some beautiful things in it. I try to have flowers and some art work that I can enjoy. It’s the small things that make the difference. Karen

  2. I’m a coffee drinker too, and envy tea drinkers their accoutrements! Lovely and colourful, such nice shapes, but always hard to draw I think, getting the ellipses right. You have done a great job!

    • Accoutrements! That is the word I needed and such a great word too. The little cups are actually tiny coffee cups, alas I don’t drink short black coffee. They do look nice on my shelf though.

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