The Start of Spring

As promised here is a picture painted with my lovely new brushes and a picture of the brushes.  I thought I would quickly post it now before I head off on holidays and forget.

Spring Magnolia Journal Page Water colour and ink

Spring Magnolia Journal Page Water colour and ink

In Australia we count the seasons a bit differently than other countries, we do it by the calendar not by the equinox.  So for us spring starts on the 1 September and lasts three months until December.  It has certainly been spring this weekend, with the most gloriously warm, still and sunny days, that just make you want to stay outside and soak up all that lovely warmth and sun.  So I wanted to do a spring picture for my Season of Colour Journal and it needed to be fresh and lively like this spring weather.

New paint brushes, ink and water colour journal page

New paint brushes, ink and water-colour journal page

So I went for my latest medium of choice water-colour and my ever so fabulous new Japanese brushes.  These are art works in themselves and a very welcome birthday present from my brother, it is so convenient that he lives near some quality art shops.  I have heard about these lovely brushes which are very fat, but come to the most sublime points.  Mine are Kazan Mahogany mop tops no 6 and no 2.  I was surprised at how big they were but they just glide across the paper.  I tried to work quickly and spontaneously and lay the colour down, then went back over it with a dip pen.  I am tempted to do a little more detail, but keep telling myself to walk away.

So for all of your out there sliding into fall, here is some spring sunshine.


5 responses to “The Start of Spring

  1. You are talking about spring and I am beginning to leave the summer behind and consider the autumn! I love the freedom and fluidity in your sketches – and you are right – don’t fiddle…… 🙂 Those brushes look like they have a mind of their own, let them free and let them show you where they want to go. Sorry I have not commented recently on your posts, I have been changing my blog reader and have got a bit lost.

    • I am in love with my new brushes, just no really sure what I can do with them yet, or as you say what they will do with me. I hope to develop me watercolour painting skills with a freer group of drawings. I am laying the colour down first then adding the lines, this should loosen my drawings up. They get very tight with coloured pencil work. Yes, I get lost in technology and struggle when things are changed,. I feel I just get the hang of something and then it is changed. Or am I just getting old….no that could not be true.

  2. New tools are so wonderful to experience. They cause us to shift and change our attitudes towards creating art. I already love the looser direction you’re heading and will be thrilled to see what comes on your journey (with experimenting and the change of surroundings). Just go for it and play!
    Ah, the touch of spring and new possibilities! 🙂

    • Happiness is new art materials to play with, especially in the sunshine. I have one more sleep to go before I leave, have to say I am pretty excited, looking forward to an unadulterated art holiday. I think Bali will inspire loose drawings with plenty of bright colours.
      PS The art supplies have reached 80% of the luggage now.

  3. Looking great Karen – I do like your painting of your brushes! Be really brave and just go with the loose watercolour, I’d love to see one with no pen work at all, but the magnolia is lovely, you were right to stop. Have a great time in Bali! Aren’t new materials FUN!

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