Seminyak Beach Sunrise (well almost)

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Water Colour

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Water Colour

Almost got up early enough to get the sunrise on the beach.  Still just a hint of pink in the clouds and the lovely early morning colours.  (Before you all think I am a really early bird, Bali is two hours later then home, so I am awake very early.)

I tried to use all water colour in this picture, with only a few ink lines to sketch the figures.  The sea is so hard to paint, all those waves that just won’t sit still for me to draw, and people are always a challenge.  I didn’t really succeed with the water colour and when I got home it felt very insipid so I got out the colour pencils and gently added some depth to the colours.  I only have a limited water colour set and just couldn’t get the colours I wanted, and working with such a new technique on site defeated me this time.

I did this drawing at the beach, there were loads of people walking, many with their dogs.  It made me miss mine, I will never get used to going for a walk without a dog, it just seems wrong somehow.  These dogs were having a fabulous time chasing waves and each other.

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Left

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Left

This view was taken looking straight ahead, I also took photos looking either way up the beach and when I got home I used the one looking left for another painting.  I used ink for the trees, but it tried again with the water colours in a more controlled environment and I am much happier with the result, especially the sky.  Nothing beats water colours for painting beautiful skies.  A bit more practice and I will get consistent results.

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Journal Page

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Journal Page

Here is the journal spread, starting to get the writing to work with the drawings.

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Right

Seminyak Beach Sunrise Right

I am off to Ubud for the day tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the inland scenery and the rice fields and of course all the arts there.  Ubud is the artistic centre of Bali and has many fine wood, silver, fiber artisans and fine arts. Hope I can find some nice things to take home.


9 responses to “Seminyak Beach Sunrise (well almost)

  1. Fantastic, you are improving by the minute, and a limited palette is a good practice. Love your little box from previous post. Sue

  2. You’re right, water is very hard to do and I think you have captured it beautifully. Something like a seascape works well with no lines, just letting the colours merge gently. You will have a great journal full of captured moments by the end of this trip!

  3. While I like the energy of the first watercolour, you are right about the second – the sky is utterly sublime. I’d say you take to watercolour like a duck to water.

  4. You did an excellent job with sea in watercolor!
    I feel the seawater on my face 🙂

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