Temple Ubud Water colour, coloured pencils and ink journal

Temple Ubud Water colour, coloured pencils and ink journal

I spent the day yesterday travelling to Ubud to have a look at the local art and craft.  Had a lovely day just not what I expected.  Ubud is a village in the hinterland of Bali and in the hills, but before your mind goes to quaint little village nestled in the rice paddies and jungles, that is what it was, not what it is today.  We didn’t get out of the urban sprawl, there was only an occasional rice paddy in amongst the shops, temples, shops, houses and more shops.

Ubud journal page

Ubud journal page

There was certainly a great deal of craft, each village (suburb) has it own craft specialty and we passed kilometres of stone carving  shops, I don’t know how you would choose which one to go in.

Me at the coffee tasting

Me at the coffee tasting


I hired a driver for the day, such a lovely gentle man, he choose were to go and I did not quibble as the thought of sorting out which one would be best was beyond me.  So I visited Batik, silver jewellery, fine art and temples.  The art gallery was much better than what I feared and amongst many touristy paintings was some really nice and interesting work.  I bought this little painting as I like this naive style.  All the patterns and details were so well done. ( I lost the piece of paper with the nae of the artist on it will have to email the store for it)

Balinese Painting

Balinese Painting

I didn’t have time to get to the rice terraces, but had lunch amongst rice paddies instead.

9b Rice paddies Ubud

Made it to my new villa where we will have the art retreat, it is a little piece of Balinese heaven, show you that next post.


9 responses to “Ubud

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  2. I’m following your tour with interest, and so impressed by the amount of work you are managing to do in your journal. Nice also to see a photo of you, hope the coffee was good. Sue

  3. Lovely. Enjoying the pages from your trip.

  4. The journal pages look great, they make such a nice complete image! The painting you bought looks delightful – could be inspiration!

    • Thanks Anna, I like my painting even more now I have had a chance to study it more, there is so much detail in it, you keep finding more things. I want to use it as inspiration in one of my drawings.

  5. It’s generous of you and well appreciated that you let us vicariously journey with you. Beautiful work.

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