Where I have been this past week.

Abbottsford Convent Farmers Market Sep 14

Abbottsford Convent Farmers Market Sep 14

While I was busy working on my Bali sketch book I still managed to get some other work done.  It is hard to balance all these projects, but a great deal of fun, definitely not bored at the moment.

The weather has been lovely on the weekends and I finally got around to visiting a farmers market in the beautiful grounds of an old convent.  It is one of my favourite places in Melbourne.  It is near the river in these amazingly peaceful, old convent buildings and grounds.  It is now a thriving arts and food area that just abounds with live.

Farmers Market Spread Sept 14 Ink and Watercolour

Farmers Market Spread Sept 14 Ink and Watercolour

I always enjoy farmers market, it is lovely to be around people who are passionate about their produce and I adore looking and tasting all that great food.  We shopped, ate and explored in the most beautiful sunny spring weather.  I managed to get a quick sketch in of the scene, even was brave enough to add people.  Just couldn’t resist this cute little girl in her pink and yellow outfit.  My sketching is getting better and I am managing to get much more down in a shorter time.  Practice is really working!

Office View Watercolour and ink

Office View Watercolour and ink

Also that week, we moved our office into the CBD and I finally have an office with a window and natural light.  Yippee!  To celebrate I did this sketch out my window, looking at one of Melbourne’s famous plane trees which was just starting to unfurl its leaves.



8 responses to “Where I have been this past week.

  1. Your sketching is wonderful and it does take courage to put people in! You might like to change the ‘were’ of your title to ‘where’ by the way…

  2. The Farmers market spread is fab! I was grabbed by the lettering you did to accompany the work. A beautiful touch. I’m really enjoying seeing people in the mix too. Great job! The beauty of spring!

    • Glad you liked it, I just love farmers markets, I am going with the urban sketchers to one next week, so I will have another shot at it, just need those people to stand still! Karen

      • Good luck! I’ve tried sketching at markets in the past and end up focusing on veg, sleeping dogs, and musicians. Looking forward to seeing more of your sketching adventures!

  3. Your sketches look so good in the context of the sketchbook, it almost frames them in a way, and I like the lettering too, it is quite whimsical. Having people in adds context and scale and gives a new humanity to the architecture.

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