Sketchy Walks on the Goldfield Track

The Monk Journal Page Ink

The Monk Journal Page Ink

I have had a couple of weeks off after a very stressful time at work, so haven’t been posting much this month.  I have been up at Castlemaine and re-energising myself with lovely walks in the bush, sketchy walks of course.

I have been catching the last of the main spring flowering and getting the confidence to do some larger drawings of the surroundings.  There is a stark beauty to the dry scrubby bush around here, but one that is difficult to translate into an interesting drawing.  The picture of ‘The Monk’ above is my best effort to date and it gives me encouragement that I might be able to translate this beauty to the paper so others can see it.

41 Bluebells and Shimmy Grass Oct 14

Tall Bluebells and Quaking Grass Journal Page ink and watercolour

I am gradually going through and identifying the names of the flowers I am drawing, not as easy as it sounds, I think it takes me as long to identify them as to draw them, but found some really helpful blogs and websites in the process.  The grasses are starting to flower and set seed now, not great for my hay-fever but pretty to see.  My favourite grass is what I have always called shimmy grass but is actually quaking grass.  I think shimmy is a much better name as it conjures up dancing while quacking links to fear.  This grass is definitely dancing in the slightest breeze.

45 Spring Gully Oct 14

Spring Gully Journal Page Watercolour and ink

A few different types of everlasting are out, the one with the many branching florets is the grey everlasting while the other is a little button plant called Scaly Buttons.  There is also a seed head of the Spiny Rush, which lives up to its name as the points of the leaves are really sharp.

Twinning Glycine  Journal Page Watercolour and ink

Twinning Glycine Journal Page Watercolour and ink

My best find was these tiny, little pea like flowers which were hiding in the grass called Twining Glycine.

I haven’t been just drawing flowers in my sketchbook, I have started on some new works for an exhibition that I have been asked to join at the end of January.  More news about this in the next blog.


14 responses to “Sketchy Walks on the Goldfield Track

  1. Nice work, Karen. I am looking forward to doing similar next month.

  2. Getting the names of the plants really enhances the experience I think, and somehow cements them in your mind. Looking great Karen, and congratulations on the exhibition, look forward to hearing more! (By the way, I think it is quaking grass, not quacking grass – that conjures up all sorts of different images!!)

  3. Very nice! It reminds me of Gwen Frostic of Michigan!

  4. Particularly like the flowers in your second plate. Those two black ones remind me of Chinese brush painting somehow. Loose and lovely.

    • Thanks Julie, i am slowly getting better at it all, enjoying the watercolour, but it can be a bit tricky. I am currently uses student quality watercolours as i wanted to see if i would like them, i now cant wait for my new artist quality set to arrive and have more vibrancy in the paint. Karen.

  5. I love to identify plants. I did a rather loose sketch of a tulip that was near to dropping its petals, and surprisingly, I was actually able to identify the species. Such a kick, right?

    • It really is great fun, I get frustrated and think I am never going to figure it out, then you finally get the right lead and you have it! I am always amazed the i have captured and remembered enough information to make an identification.

  6. I couldn’t agree more that walking in the fresh air in the countryside is a great way to energise. I find my mind is bursting with ideas after a mile or so. Hope you are now feeling less stressed.

  7. I like the ‘quaking grass’ too…have a photo I need to convert to a jpg, so that I can use it. Taken in an area north of Melbourne that had just been opened as an example of eco-sustainable grassland…the flowers were lovely, it was Spring a number of years ago. I like your simple style with florals. 🙂

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