High Spring in my Garden


Love-in-the-must, intense pencils and ink journal page

I know that I have been posting away on my walks in the bush and all the lovely wildflowers in bloom, during this time my garden has been blooming its little heart out, and is demanding some of the attention!


After much attention (not all of it mine)and a nice wet winter, the flowers are doing really well this year. (Warning, skip down to the next paragraph if you are not into gardens). The roses are blooming with abandon, I have roses galore, souvenir de la malmaision, which has finally made it above the grapevine and is romping over the garage roof, Pierre de Ronsard on the side of my house which hasn’t balled for once and the beautiful Peace rose for my mother, it was in her wedding bouquet. The yellow gold bunny rose is climbing up my verandah posts with some lovely clematis. My bearded irises grew beautiful leaves but totally failed to bloom, but I have cornflowers, pinks, love in the mist, aquilegia and the lavender is about to start. Oh yes the Dutch irises are making up for the other irisis.


Pierre de Ronsard Climbing Rose


Souvenir de la Malmaision gone feral through the grape vine. Not sure that is appropriate behaviour for such a french aristocratic rose, but things go wild in the colonies!

I have planted a lot of gardens but usually move before the become established or the one time I didn’t we had a 10 year drought of the century, hardley conducive to great gardening. But this time I have it right.


Clematis, this makes me wish I would keep the plant tags, as I have forgotten it’s name.

So here is the art work to go with the flowers. I am trying to use more design in how I lay out my journal pages and still grappling with the writing.


spring flower journal page. Ink tense pencils and ink

Here are some birds of paradise that I did last week, also from my garden. I tried a couple of different versions of them, to mix it up.


Bird of paradise. Gouache and ink journal page


Bird of paradise. Watercolour pencils and ink journal page

Hope this brings a bit of spring into your northern hemisphere falls.  This was done on my iPad, which I don’t usually use, but I forgot to bring my power cord for the laptop, and so needs must, hope it is ok.


8 responses to “High Spring in my Garden

  1. Your garden must be looking stunning Karen! So nice you can be there to appreciate your own hard work. Climbing roses are lovely, I definitely prefer them to rose bushes – the flowers can be glorious but the bushes are so often unattractive. Clematis is another favourite of mine. These all remind me of my mother’s garden in England, we don’t have any of those plants here in Sydney, we have a very green garden (and I am no gardener, however much I love plants of all kinds!) The journal is looking lovely, the patterns and text enhance the drawings.

    • Thanks Anna, I do love the old fashioned flowers and although it is a battle to grow some of them, the roses do exceptionally well in Castlemaine. You forget that they are not English natives and come from harsher climates. I have problems at this time of year trying to decide what to draw.

  2. Your garden must be a haven for you. It certainly looks well loved and is absolutely blooming. BTW I love the patterns you do in your art. I realize how much I appreciate recurring patterns too – and often think of yours.

    • My garden and house in Castlemaine is my haven. I just need to find a way to spend more time there. I am so pleased you like my patterns, flowers and patterns, flowers in patterns and patterns in flowers all fascinate and inspire me. Karen

  3. Ha ha – Karen – looking at your patterns made me consciously realize how much I like patterns. I think for me it was subconscious before but your work has awakened my conscious mind to the fact. I thank you for that.

  4. A beautiful garden! Lovely photos! Love your drawings…I only have a few Inktense pencils, they’re so rich and vibrant, must get some more. I’m growing a “Bird of Paradise”; a great plant.
    I built my blog on my iPad, use it for so many things, (rarely use a computer) including a lot of painting and drawing on it these days. Found some art apps with amazing naturalistic media. 🙂 An enjoyable post, thank you. Cheerio, Janette.

    • I am so glad you commented on this post, it made me go back and have another look at it. I have another month to go before my garden will bloom like that this year. The inktense are great, but be careful as they are not very lightfast. Good luck with the camera app, I look forward to your photos, if mine worked yours should to as I am just a point and shoot type of gal. Gippsland is beautiful, I used to live near Leongatha years ago and still have friends in Inverloch.

      • Thanks for the advice about the pencils.
        I’ve been through Leongatha, on the way to Phillip Island; haven’t been to Inverloch. Love it down that way, hope to look around there more in the future. I live not far from Sale, in a lovely small country town.. in this online world I tend not to say too much about where I live. Don’t suppose it really matters, and I’m not really a paranoid type of person…I am getting used to all the internet “stuff”, for want of a better word. And certainly in the blogosphere, so far, I’ve found people to be quite friendly. 🙂
        I’m sitting on the verandah, with my mum, and it’s lovely out here; it’s actually getting very warm! Glad it’s spring – lots of plans for the garden. Enjoyed our chat – hope you have a great weekend! Cheerio, Janette.

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