Getting ready for a group show.

Pieced Pattern 7  Detail Ink, coloured Pencil

Pieced Pattern 7 Detail
Ink, coloured Pencil

Happy New Year everyone.   Finally back on the blog after a little rest.  Just wanted to have one less obligation in my life while I got myself back into work after my break and the rush up to the end of the year.  Feeling better now and missing everyone.

I have been busy with my art, when there is no energy for the rest of my life, I can always sit and draw and the patterns are soothing in their repetition.  There was also the fact that I have an exhibition at the end of January to spur me on.

I have three new big works (A1 size) and hopefully another will be finished in time.  They are from drawings in my sketchbook, some I have shown you before.  They were backgrounds for some of the vegetables, but have come out from the background to star in their  own right.  I have pieced them together to give them more depth, I was going the sew on them all, but some didn’t need any more detail.

Pieced Pattern 7  Ink, coloured Pencil

Pieced Pattern 7
Ink, coloured Pencil

This first one was the background to the peas, I was going to put the peas over the top but it just didn’t work, it became too busy and I liked it as it was, so the pea pod is being saved for a later date.  Nothing will go to waste, it will just have to wait till I have a moment to sort its background out.

Peas in a Pod


I will share the others on my next post, and the link to the exhibition.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a bright start to the New Year and like me looking forward to what exciting things this new year will bring us all.


10 responses to “Getting ready for a group show.

  1. Very nice Karen! All your pattern works hung together will look great, should do very well! They are quite mesmerising in a way, something for the eye to keep tracing. Happy New Year, and good luck with the exhibition!

  2. Happy New Year to you too, Karen. I was wondering where you were. Glad to have you back because I missed you. Wow, that is exciting that you will be exhibiting in a short time. I am quite sure that your interest in patterns has influenced me and made me more aware of them.

    • Happy New Year Julie, I am very touched that my work has in any way helped you in your work. My blog and the others that I follow has been very influential in my work, such a great place for inspiration and support. Thank you for your support over the last year, your work inspires so many. Karen

  3. Good to see you back again – I have missed reading your blogs. Good luck with the exhibition!

  4. Happy new year Karen! Congrats on the upcoming show. Wish i was closer to visit it in person. May the new year bring loads of creativity your way!

    • Happy New Year Gale, I hope this was is calm and full of art. It is frustrating not to be able to go to exhibitions of our blogging friends from far afield. But your support is appreciated. Karen

  5. I was wondering where you were. Welcome back, how exciting – an exhibition. Interesting pattern piece are you sure you’re not a closet quilter? Looking forward to seeing the rest of the works. Sue

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