Artistic Collaboration

Weedy Sea Dragon Ink and Watercolour pencils  Anna Warren Collaboration

Weedy Sea Dragon Ink and Watercolour pencils Anna Warren Collaboration

The art in this post is from an artistic collaboration I am lucky to be part of with the fabulous Anna Warren. In mid January, Anna posted a drawing that she had done in a little Moleskin Booklet she had collected some time ago.  She wondered if anyone would like to join her in filling up these little books and as they came with a folder they were just made for posting.  I jumped at the chance as I love Anna’s work and how much fun to work with her on a project.

Anna's Page Anna Warren Collaboration

Anna’s Page Anna Warren Collaboration

Anna accepted my offer and Kylie Fogarty (a great artist from Canberra) is joining us and we will each work on a double page spread in the booklet and each contribute to a picture on the front and back pages.

I was so excited when the first booklet arrived and I have kept to the sea theme of Anna’s drawing.  I decided to draw a Weedy Sea dragon, they have always fascinated me and they live in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, not that I have seen them in real life, they are very illusive.  I used my new Derwent Graphitint pencils.  I have found them a lot of fun, they have such lovely muted tones and work well with my other water colour pencils.

Kelp  Ink and watercolour pencils  Anna Warren Collaboration

Kelp Ink and watercolour pencils Anna Warren Collaboration

On the first and last page I have drawn some kelp and barnacles in a slightly abstracted manner, leaving I hope enough room for the others to add their magic.  Can’t wait to see what they add.

Barnacles  Ink and watercolour pencils  Anna Warren Collaboration

Barnacles Ink and watercolour pencils Anna Warren Collaboration

I will keep you posted as we exchange and work on the three different books between us.  What a lot of fun!


31 responses to “Artistic Collaboration

  1. Fabulous Karen! This is SO exciting – I love your drawings, all of them, can’t wait to add a bit to the first and last pages. The weedy sea dragon is such an extraordinary creature, almost unreal but very beautiful and you have done it full justice. Now for Kylie to do her bit …

  2. What fun and such a good idea. I love the interaction it creates between artists, but I think I would be a bit daunted to begin with. I am really looking forward to seeing it all unfold.

    • It is fun Chris and I thought ‘yah lets do this’ and when Anna said yes there will be three of us I went ‘oh no what have I done’, then looking at the blank page of the first book with Anna’s beautiful drawing I didn’t want to draw at all. But I had committed so away I went. Sometimes it is not a good idea to think to much, just jump in and do. Karen

  3. Oh Karen! What a gorgeous contribution to the books. Hopefully Anna can do some sort of visual tour of the finished books. I for one would love to see it! 😃

  4. This project looks so much fun! Enjoy.

  5. Yes, it looks very exciting. I love illustrations and these are terrific.

  6. I love seeing what you and Anna did in the booklet. I love how everything works so beautifully together and as individual images they are delicious to look at. So rich and engaging. I too am doing one of the booklets with Anna and a third person and had some of the same concerns you mention in your post. Your work is outstanding! You and Anna are wonderful artists, I’m so inspired!

  7. I very much appreciate the sensitivity you have shown to Anna’s work. Your sea dragon shapes beautifully respond to the shapes in Anna’s double page drawing. Seeing the two together makes me think of two musicians making music together. Wonderful.

  8. It has just arrived! I am so excited, your page is just gorgeous Karen – you have put so much work into it. Wonderful to read all the lovely comments above. Can’t wait to add some bits to the end pages …

    • Yeh, don’t you just love getting exciting parcels in the post! The feedback from the collaboration has been lovely, it is nice that others are also enjoying our efforts. Can’t wait to see what you add.

  9. Love your drawing, Karen! Beautiful work. What an excellent collaboration!

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  11. I’ve hopped over from Anna’s blog to catch up on the collaboration of art in the little moleskin books .
    Gorgeous delicate work !

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  13. Hey Karen, finally got a chance to sit and read the comments and posts. I knew you had written about it as I follow your blog, funny I didn’t want to read about it until I’d finished the first booklet. I completely related to your comments because that’s exactly how I felt too. Anna, I agree with Karen and Karen I agree with Anna, hopefully I meet somewhere in the middle. I have so much imagery dancing around in my head for this one that I’m having a hard time choosing what to create, plus I don’t want to ruin these gorgeous works, sorry for being a little slow, I’m so excited for this week as its what I am working on – I have it all decided on, hopefully you will enjoy it too. I can’t wait to see what you do with the first booklet Karen. ~ K

    • Hi Kylie, I am looking forward to adding my pictures to yours in the next book. I was tempted to do it next, but wanted to get through this harder one first. Lots of ideas for yours as soon as I saw your post. Looking forward to see what you add to the sea themed one. Karen

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