Late Summer Sketching

Green Bower, water colour pencil and ink journal page

Green Bower, water colour pencil and ink journal page

I have been kicking back and doing some late summer sketching, how decadent is that.  No exhibitions on the horizon, nothing to do but please myself, so I am sketching in my journal and just about to set myself up to do some book binding, a few little sketch/note books I have wanted to make for ages.

I have a long weekend up in Castlemaine and it is coming into my favourite time of the year up here, Autumn, crisp, sunny, warm days and cool nights.  I am just going to let go of the fact that we never really got a summer this year, stop pouting and just enjoy autumn now it is here.

Hannah in the sun Watercolour and ink journal page

Hannah in the sun Watercolour and ink journal page

This picture is of Hannah in the sun, this is her favourite morning spot, it is in the sun, she can survey the yard to make sure no marauding cats dare to enter her territory and most importantly she can keep an eye on me in bed to see if I am getting up to make her breakfast yet.  She is a very shaggy westie in this picture as it was just before she was clipped.  What a burr seeking magnet she was, I don’t know where she found them, but every time she went out she would come back covered in burrs and would sit impatiently while I picked them all out.

Hannah collecting burrs, not looking to happy now its time to get them out

Hannah’s burr collection, not looking too happy now its time to get them out

The other drawing is of my bedroom festooned with the summer mossie net.  I am not usually a girlie girl, but I have to say I secretly love my romantic bedroom, draped netting, floral doona cover and french doors to the greenery outside.  I feel like a princess when I crawl into bed.  Wasn’t sure how I was going to draw the mossie net, but ended up painting the picture then went over it with a white gel pen, fairly happy with how the worked out, bed a bit wonky though, but I am embracing the wonkiness and having fun.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse of my late summer decadence.


PS Having just read my last post I apologise for a few typos that crept in, I promise I do proof read but when I am tired I just don’t see.  So if they do creep please be patient and realise I am just having a bad fatigue day.

20 responses to “Late Summer Sketching

  1. Your bedroom looks so lovely and sunny and airy! The gel pen worked well to give the sense of the gauzy net. I must say I can’t wait for autumn, it has been so humid here. Its great to get these little insights into your life Karen.

  2. Beautiful paintings, both! I used to have horrible fatigue – turned out to be primarily from gluten (and also corn and sugar). Gluten wrecked me in multiple ways. Not sure if this is you, but if you google “300 symptoms of gluten intolerance” you may find yourself. May be worth a trial to get off it for a couple days/weeks (my doc said 30 days, but I noticed major improvement after two weeks) and see. Best to you, and really loving your work!

    • Mine is chronic fatigue, I have had it for over 15 years. I have tried all the dietary exclusions, and none made any difference. Thank you for your concern, I appreciate your help. Glad your liked the picture to. Karen

      • I’m sorry to hear it, Karen. I knew nothing about gluten’s effects, so I’ve been spreading the word since I found out, hoping to help others. I love your work, always. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. So lovely Karen, I had a moment of serenity this morning with my coffee.

  4. What a patient pooch. Lovely moments captured. I really love your page compositions. Always elegant. 🙂
    Keep putting your feet up and enjoy your play!

    • She is a sweetie, put don’t let the pretty pictures fool you, she will be up on the bed, prancing on my stomach, pushing her nose in my face, saying get up in the next minute. Westies are wee determined little doggies, with a definite mind of their own.

  5. Especially like the dog and the flowers.

  6. Well that’s a face. Too funny poor Hannah. I love the sketch of her.

  7. Great journal pages, Karen! These will bring back the memory of an “everyday” time better than any photo. You have a wonderful balance of drawing and watercolour in your work.
    My husband and I are about to set out on a trip and I am reminded of your trip to Paris a couple of years ago. I hope I can do as well with my sketching and painting.

  8. How exciting, I look forward to seeing what you do while you are away. Your drawings of your sailing trips were lovely as I am sure these will be. Karen

  9. Just so lovely these drawings.

    Merci mademoiselle.


  10. Lovely drawings, dreamy! Hannah looks adorable except for the burrs, I guess dogs will be dogs!

    • Thanks, beneath Hannah’s white fluffy coat, beats the heart of an intrepid tracker. Well, until something scares her then she is hiding behind the coach. I am glad you enjoyed the drawings. Karen

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