More Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Art Supplies

I have finally received my package of art supplies,  I used a Christmas voucher to buy it but took ages to decide what to buy.  So I thought I would share my little treasure trove of art goodies with you.

Not pictured here but one of my favourite supplies is my Lamy Safari Fountain pen.  I have used it in my latest sketches and I am totally hooked.  Finally a fine inky line and a pen that does not die on my harsher watercolour/printmaking paper that I made my journals out of.  It will also go over coloured pencil, yippee!  I can’t tell you how many fine liner pens I have massacred, they don’t last more than a couple of drawings in my journals and they are killed by all the wax in the coloured pencils.  Plus there are different nibs and a whole world of inks.  The people at Goulet Pens have the best site and great YouTube videos to truly entice you into the world of fountain pens, plus they give you lolly pops in each order!  I am so easily bribed with food.

Colour swatches of Derwenk Gaphitint pencils

Colour swatches of Derwenk Gaphitint pencils

I also bought the new Derwent Graphitint pencils.  They are coloured graphite and although the colour range is a little limited, they have lovely subtle colours and they are water soluble, so work in well with the Derwnet Inktense that I already have.

There is also some more Sennelier water colours to complete my set which I purchased before Christmas.  They have honey in them so a very creamy.  I don’t have much experience with water colours and this is the first set of professional paints I have bought, so not sure how they compare, but I am happy with them. I just need loads more practice to get proficient with them.

I also had to have some  water soluble graphite that Anna Warren has been using (see here), so I bought a couple of sticks and a tin.  I have not played with them yet but am looking forward to trying them out.



10 responses to “More Art Supplies

  1. It is so exciting to get new materials to experiment with. My son got some water soluble graphite pencils for Christmas that he generously shared with me, and I just love them! I know you will make wonderful use of your new kit. Have fun! S

  2. Nothing like new supplies to play with! The water soluble graphite you have bought is not the same as I am using – mine is called Liquid Pencil, and comes as a paste, but I expect the results are similar. It’s an amazingly flexible medium. A small word of warning about the Graphitint – I bought some a few years ago and LOVED them, the softness of the colour and so lovely to use, but they are very non-lightfast, as I found with a big drawing I did. The colour seeped away, leaving an almost monotone picture. Some colour was left, but not a lot. However, Derwent may have worked on this issue and yours could well be better. It might be worth doing a lightfast test with them. In theory, in a sketchbook they should be fine.

    • Thanks Anna, I know that the Grapitint and many of the watercolour pencils are not very light fast. Very annoying considering the cost, they are improving but not quick enough. I only use them in my journals which do not see much daylight and are not going to be sold. It really is a trap for the unwary, and how disappointing for your work. Karen

  3. So happy to hear you bought a Lamy pen, they are so wonderful! Looking forward to seeing what you create with all these wonderful art supplies!

  4. Well, I couldn’t believe how good it was when I bought my Lamy. I suppose ink and paper relate to that, but I just find that the nib glides very well on paper. I’m using a moderately good 110 lb (about 250 gsm) paper sketchbook.

    My Lamy Safari came with the black nib–not sure if that’s different than the silver nib or not, but I like it. It’s so nice when you fork over money for things when they work out.

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