Patterns in Nature a new Artistic Collaboration

Patterns in Nature Journal Lichen spread

Patterns in Nature Journal Lichen spread Water colour pencils and ink

Here is the journal for the latest collaboration that I have entered into.  This is again with Anna Warren (see her blog here) from Sydney and two lovely American artists, Gale Stahlke (see her blog here) and Cathe Jacobi (see her blog here).  They will all be blogging about the journals they are working on as we work our way through the collaboration.

This time we decided to do things a little differently, to the other collaboration I am in.  We will be each making our own little journals, choosing our theme and doing the initial drawings, before we hand them onto the next person.  The first page will be a joint effort, then we will each do a double page spread then there will be a shared double spread and finally a little paragraph on the back page on what we did and why.

Patterns in Nature Journal Cover

Patterns in Nature Journal Cover

So for my journal I decided on the theme Patterns in Nature – Forrest.  As most of you know who have followed me for awhile, I love patterns and in particular patterns in nature, so it seemed to be a great theme for the book and easy for each artist to interpret in their own way.  I have also been fascinated by lichens and have been meaning to do a drawing of them for ages so I narrowed the focus to patterns in the forest.

So I made the booklet out of 300g Somerset CP watercolour paper for the cover and used a lovely creamy Japon proofing paper for the interior.  I had great fun playing with the cover and used some spray inks on it, then to waterproof these I covered it with matt medium, then drew a abstract lichen/moss pattern over the top.

Patterns in Nature Journal Front group Page and inside cover

Patterns in Nature Journal Front group Page and inside cover

For the first page I couldn’t go past an image of a curled fern frond.  Then for my double spread I was able to play with the lichen.  I got a little carried away with this drawing and it became more complex then I wanted for this project, but hey once I got started away I went.  Very happy with this, think it could be done again in another format.  For the last spread I drew a fern frond with spores on the back.  These were all done with ink and water colour pencils.

Patterns in Nature Journal Group spread

Patterns in Nature Journal Group spread

Well I am about to post my book up to Anna for her to add her pages before it wings its away across the sea for the others to work on.  I can’t wait to see what they have done and how they made their books and out of what?  Just love these collaborations.


32 responses to “Patterns in Nature a new Artistic Collaboration

  1. This is the most fascinating project and I love to see how you artists respond to one another, visually and intellectually. I’m right with you on patterns – completely understand your enthusiasm for patterns in nature. As these books unfold over time, the rest of us watch in wonderment!

  2. Karen, this is stunning! I need to kick myself into high gear. My journal is created I just need to commit to my theme. I admit I have changed my mind a few times! Thank you for your beautiful inspiration!

    • Cathe, I kept changing my mind on the theme too. But in the end I had to stop over thinking it and start. Glad you like it, looking forward to seeing what the rest of you do. Karen

  3. What a fun project, and there is always so much more delight to work on projects with other artists. These drawings are just so beautiful. I especially love your lichen watercolor pencil and pen pattern creation. Simply lovely! –BB

    • It is a great deal of fun and I am looking forward to seeing what others do with the theme I have chosen. Once I send the book off it will be about four months till I get it back, then it should be bursting with drawings. Karen

  4. Yummy. I am working with two women on a year-long journal (we each keep our own, no trading) but they aren’t posting their work online. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with. I wish we had the good postal rates you have but it’s too expensive to swap books around in Canada.

    Great project for you, will be keen to see some samples.

    • How interesting Judy, how does your journaling work with the other ladies? I think the fact that we all post our work is part of the fun and our readers seem as fascinated as we are. Karen

      • JJ ColourArt

        At the minute, they both e-mail me their resulting sketches. I post mine on my sketch blog where they can see them. It is still fun though! We all work in different styles, I’m always excited to see what we come up with.

      • Sounds like great fun. Karen

  5. Oh Karen this is lovely! Its so weird, there must be something in the air. I have been using lichens and seed heads as inspiration for the printmaking I have been doing, and am planning (today!) to make my book, using part of a print as the cover. I even came up with a title of ‘Field and Forest’, so I think I may adapt that a little! This one is stunning, I love your use of colour and patterns are so much your ‘thing’. So exciting!! (I sent the other book to you last week, so hopefully you should have it by now.)

    • Who would have thought that we both came up with similar ideas. Don’t vary yours it will be fun to do another on a similar theme. Can’t wait to see what you do. Karen ps I have been in Castlemaine since Thursday night so it might be waiting for me in Melbourne.

  6. Karen, the book is gorgeous! I love all the additions you’ve made on the jacket cover. You’re an inspiration. Well, to keep your lichens/nature patterns and Anna’s fields and forests functioning, you need water. That’s the theme of my book. Probably has to do with living on an island for 2 weeks! I can’t wait to eventually see your book in person! – Gale

  7. So Lovely!! I hope to see posts of the end results too – how fun!!

  8. Just beautiful. Not working with others, but I just seem to be on to a theme thing myself these days.

  9. What a great project, and how exciting to send a sketchbook on its travels and to get it back with a surprise.

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  11. Beautiful start Karen. Too much fun!

  12. bluerock / debrazone

    impressive project! very nice.

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  15. Hi Karen, wasn’t sure if I had already commented, (trying to catch up on reading the blog posts) stunning work yet again! I love how you have used the two themes too. It will be really interesting to see the two different perspectives on the one theme. I sent off the second book to Anna yesterday so hopefully she will have it soon. Looking forward to the next one! Isn’t Somerset paper so nice to work with? ~ K

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