Sketching on Mt Alexander

Last weekend I went for a walk along the spine of Mt Alexander near Castlemaine.  It is a favourite place of mine to walk.  The mountain (of very modest proportions, it the flat plains of central Victoria a mountain does not have to be very high to get the name, only 774 m) it  is set in amongst  iron bark bush land and is studded with lovely grey granite boulders.  You get lovely views on either side looking east and west as the mountain is very long and skinny.


It was a perfect autumn day clear, sunny and still, just perfect for a sketchy walk.  My first drawing was of some lichen and moss on the exposed granite surface.  I am having a bit of fascination with lichens at the moment and here was an opportunity to draw them in situ.


Moss on boulder, Mt Alexander water colour and ink in sketch book



Walking a little way along I stopped at dog rocks, and chatted with some lovely people learning to abseil, then did another sketch of one of the many upstanding rocks in this group.  I never did find the rock that was supposed to look like a dog, but I brought my own along anyway.


Dog Rocks Mt Alexander Water colour and ink Sketchbook page

You may notice a few changes to my blog in the coming weeks as I am starting to change this site into a website and make changes to allow the purchase of my art through the site.  I hope it all goes smoothly and I don’t mess up my blog.  Fingers crossed and I hope for the best.


17 responses to “Sketching on Mt Alexander

  1. I look forward to seeing what you do with your blog as you turn it website-y. In this post it is nice to have photos and drawings one under another. They support one another and show different sides of your story. Just having your shoes showing in the bottom of the second photo, one gets a sense of you sitting there drawing. Over here in the west, our weather is perfect autumn as well – in fact – my favourite time of year for Perth.

    • Isn’t Autumn just the best season and Easter one of my favourite holidays (as my American friend puts it). I am glad you like the photos of the area. I don’t often put my photos in as photography is not one of my skills and they are just snaps with my iPhone. But it gives my international readers a feel for the countryside and my drawings a sense of place. Karen

  2. Isn’t it lovely to get out in the bush and just drink in that air? I do like your Dog Rocks drawing. Those names are often amusing, you sometimes wonder just how they got them! I will be interested too to see how you go turning this into a website.

  3. Very cool – what a great place to sketch it out. Nice!

  4. I too liked the view of your feet! But the sketches are good too, definite sense of massive weight to the boulders.

  5. Ohhh, I really like your “dog rock” drawing (Granite rocks are amazing!) What an incredible place to spend time roaming about. I too am looking forward to seeing your website. Hope you have a good week!

    • So pleased you like the drawing, didn’t quiet catch all I was looking for in the picture but getting closer. The website may just do my head in, the learning curve is so huge, but I will just have to jump in and start. I think I will let WordPress host it as first while I get used to it and then look at other hosting options with more freedom. How is your website done?

      • I recall starting my website and what a pain it was. I even did a two month stint as website administrator for our local arts center, but it was too much for me to handle at the time. I’ve been using Wix for my site, WordPress for the arts center. Both have been fine but I’ve really not tried much with the Wix site to see where it can really go. Good luck to you!

  6. This sounds like a dream come true for me, I love the combination of hiking and sketching. What an amazing landscape. Good luck on your new site!

    • It is a lovely and relaxing thing to do. I didn’t used to like drawing in public, but I have found that I end up having great conversations with people when I do, people I would not ordinarily start up a conversation with. Karen

      • I’ve only started drawing in public but I’ve noticed this already, people seem to like to know what you are up to (though I’m still shy about showing my work to strangers)

  7. Beautiful work – felt like I was right there watching you sketch. Great surroundings for this kind of relaxation.

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