Farmer’s Markets and Vegetable gardens

Fresh Peas Farmers Market Ink and Watercolour

Fresh Peas Farmers Market Ink and Watercolour

I am still working on images from the Farmer’s Markets I visited a couple of weeks ago.  I was not only captivated by the wonderful fresh produce, I liked the various ways that stall holder’s displayed their wares.  This lovely old bucket was just gorgeous and very aptly labelled.  The colour went so well with the vibrant snow peas.

Tute's Cottage Vegetable Garden Ink

Tute’s Cottage Vegetable Garden Ink

I have an unfinished drawing of Tute’s vegetable garden in Castlemaine that I visited earlier, (see here) which I thought I would share with you.  It is still only a line drawing as I haven’t decided how to colour it, I have not had the results I wanted from water-colour (more my lack of skill rather then the medium), so not sure if I will return to colour pencils or water-colour pencils.  I really enjoy water-colour pencils and use them I lot in my sketch book, but I am always mindful of the fact that they are not very colour fast.  It is disappointing that so many of our art supplies are still not colourfast in this day and age.  I wish manufacturers would be mindful of this point when they develop new products.

I have had a lousy week with flu and now Autumn seems to have run away already and we have moved into our cold, grey winter.  I have been trying to do some drawing for a friend of mine and they are just not working out.  Well that is my moan, I will go back to working on the collaboration books, they always make me smile and snuggle down onto the coach with the heater on.


15 responses to “Farmer’s Markets and Vegetable gardens

  1. How nice! You got a lot of subject matter material from your trip and good things to eat. I like how clean your Farmer’s Market vegetable artwork looks …

  2. Hi Karen, This drawing is very beautiful just the way it is—without color. It looks finished to me. I hope you are fully recovered from the flu.

    • Hi Nancy, all recovered from flu. I am glad you like the drawing as it is, I will scan it and if I don’t like the colour I will still have the B&W version. But the longer it takes me to colour the less likely it is to happen. Karen

  3. aaarggh I have had the flu this week too….so glad you recovered! I just love your work, the way you handle the pen and your color palette! I love it all!!

  4. Sorry you have not been well, and glad to see you are on the road to recovery. It is strange to me that you are entering into autumn/winter and I am looking forward to spring/summer. We have had rain these last two days and the garden is looking fresh washed and beautiful. Bluebells, forget-me-nots and Honesty are all looking great. Sue

  5. Karen, I’ve also been sick all week – and still aren’t over it yet.
    Regarding your line drawing, I think it is absolutely perfect just the way it is. I wouldn’t touch it.

  6. Can you run a piece of watercolor paper through your printer and print out the line drawing so that you can experiment with it, saving your original? I’d love to see this piece with some color, maybe just the vine that is climbing up the trellis.

  7. I hope you are feeling better, beautiful drawings.

  8. I too like the drawing in black and white!

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