Collaboration 2 – Water

Lotus Pond - Bali.  Water colour, pencil and ink

Lotus Pond – Bali. Water colour, pencil and ink

I have spent the weekend working on Gale’s water themed book.  A great way to spend a very cold, wet and windy weekend here in Melbourne.  As I worked on this book I realised that I haven’t done many drawings of water and am not very used to drawing this element in any of its many guises.  Always so good to challenge yourself and these collaborations take me to such different places.

Cathe's Versailles Marie Antoinette's Swan

Cathe’s Versailles Marie Antoinette’s Swan

As Gale and Cathe both choose to take inspiration from recent travels for their double page spreads; Gale her trip to Hawaii and Cathe her Paris adventure.  I took inspiration from my trip to Bali last year and the Lotus temple in Ubud.   The beautiful blue water and tranquil lotus blossoms seemed suitable for the watery theme.

Gale's waves

Gale’s waves

For the first page I added a water splash behind Gale’s leaf with water droplets and on the shared double spread I  added rain drops catching the sun as they fall into a pond, a layered water on water image.   Trying to blend in with the beautifully subtle clouds, but not overpower them.

Splash, my contribution to the the front page  Water colour and ink

Splash, my contribution to the the front page Water colour and ink

Rain Drops, below Gale's clouds  water colour, coloured pencil and white ink

Rain Drops, below Gale’s clouds water colour, coloured pencil and white ink

I also had a play with the white band that holds the book shut and used some watery patterns to decorate it with.  Not sure if it blends well, but a great deal of fun to do.

Front cover of Gale's book

Front cover of Gale’s book

To see the other books in the collaboration please click the links below

Anna Warren’s Book – Circle of Life

Gale Everett Stahlke’s Book –  Water

Cathe Jacobi’s Book –  Collections

Karen Bailey’s Book – Patterns in Nature – Forest

22 responses to “Collaboration 2 – Water

  1. You know, I have been thinking the same, I have drawn many things associated with water, but never the water itself! A new and interesting challenge. Yours is looking great, I do like your fleshy lotus, and your composition echoes Cathe’s beautifully.

    • Yeah the water was a challenge, not sure I got it as well as I would have liked. Did not even try drawing waves. I will be interested to see what you add to the book. Always fun though.

  2. Oh, and I like the splash very much!

  3. I love your vibrant water! I think you captured it perfectly in your own style. I love how each page has a unique point of view but the theme makes the perfect thread. Your trip to Bali must have been very inspirational, your colors are so rich and lush and the shapes you drew draw me in! So lovely! Beautiful work Karen.

    • Thanks Cathe, it is so interesting now with the books to see the different styles and how they are working together. Bali was a great trip and the tropical colours are so vibrant. I have been wanting to do something with the lotus pond image for awhile and this was a perfect fit. Karen

  4. Oh my goodness, I just don’t know what to say. You have added a wonderful narrative quality to the pages, connecting the rain clouds to water, the extra splashing to the leaf. I’m just blown away and feel so honored to have (eventually) all three of you contributing to this book.
    Water was a tough challenge since none of us use it in our everyday work.It certainly stretched my abilities. Maybe it was a good thing to push each of us outside our comfort zone. 🙂
    Your contribution was stunning Karen. Thank you so much!
    Bali… what an amazing journey you must have had!

    • Water was a fabulous challenge Gale, it is so refreshing to be taken in a new direction and part of the joy of the collaboration. I am sure we all wait nervously for the owner of the book to comment on our posts and I am so pleased you like my contribution to your lovely book. Karen

  5. I think these books are all going to be wonderful! Love the way each person has tackled water differently. Sue

    • It is very exciting to see what each person does with each round of the books. It is also getting harder to add to the joint pages trying to get some cohesion in the images, but as always a great deal of fun. Karen

  6. Wow, it is so interesting to see the different versions. This looks like a very fine and exuberant project.

    • I love ‘exuberant’, it describes the feeling we have for this project so well. It is such fun to work with these other artists and a challenge to work in their books. Karen

  7. These are absolutely LOVELY! Your creations are SO inspiring!

  8. I’ve just been looking at the coastal book on Anna’s blog. How different this one is. Such completely different colours and forms. I guess I’m looking at watercolour paper…is that right? It’s lovely rich tooth adds to the art works upon its surface.

    • I have just been to have a look at Anna’s post, and there is such a different feel. The papers in the books couldn’t be more different. Gale’s book is made from very textured thick water colour paper, it must be about 350g and Anna’s book is thinner than copier paper. The paper definitely influenced the drawing, but I also think that the first drawing in the books influenced the rest as well. Once you have one of Anna’s ethereal drawings you feel a compulsion to keep a light hand. It is so very interesting to see how each book unfolds. Karen

  9. Karen – what unique body of work. All of your drawing styles compliment one another. Your recent additions are beautiful and I love your bold color. 💐

    • Thanks Sharon, I always like to use very saturated colours and I was nervous about them working with the other pages, but the watery theme keeps things harmonising, luckily. I cannot tell you what a joy this collaboration has been.

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