Quick visit to Fremantle

Hampton's B&B Water colour pencil and ink Journal

Hampton’s B&B Water colour pencil and ink Journal

Last weekend I made a quick visit to Fremantle just out of Perth, Western Australia.  I had to go to WA for work, so I sneaked in a weekend in Fremantle.  It was a coincidence, as I had mentioned to a blogging friend Julie Podstolski that I wanted to visit and see her art in person, (she does the most beautiful coloured pencil drawings of Geisha).  I did not realise that in a couple of weeks time I would have to travel there for work.

Fremantle is a lovely historic port town with the most marvelous buildings, it is about 20 minutes west of Perth.  I was glad to leave the cold, grey skies of Melbourne to the warmer weather and sunshine.  Julie and her lovely friend Robyn met me for lunch and we had a great time chatting and I showed them a couple of the collaboration books I was working on as Julie had been following them.

 Mural Fremantle

Mural Fremantle

We then went to see the fantastic mural that Julie has featured on her blog and then to her house to see some of her drawings.  It is so nice to meet someone you only know through social media and to see in real life the drawings that you have watched being created through photos.  I can only say both are better in real life and that is not an easy feat.  I also was able to see Robyn’s beautiful ceramic sculptures

Duyfken 1600 sailing ship Fremantle Water colour pencils and ink

Duyfken 1600 sailing ship Fremantle Water colour pencils and ink

On the Sunday I went for a walk along the docks and tried my hand at drawing an old sailing ship, fun to draw in the sun, but they are very tricky, I edited a lot of ropes out, (sorry to any nautical readers).  I felt I couldn’t come to Fremantle without some sort of boat drawing as it did host the America’s Cup while it was in Australia’s hands.

Fremantle Page Journal Water colour and ink

Fremantle Page Journal Water colour and ink

I think that weekend of warmth and sunshine will have to tied me over through the next few weeks as this winter looks to be a very cold and wet one and the flu season has us in its grips.  Always nice to look back on these memories and sketches in my book.  Thank you Julie for your hospitality.


9 responses to “Quick visit to Fremantle

  1. Hi Karen, I must say your drawings are VERY Fremantle. You really captured it – especially the drawing of your B & B balcony.
    If anyone would like to see information about the mural painter, Graeme Miles Richards, here is his website http://www.artfrescodesign.com
    I told Graeme during the week that you had come from Melbourne and especially wanted to see his mural. He was delighted but he said it was a pity he wasn’t working on it during the time I brought you to have a look.
    Lovely post. Thanks for visiting!

    • Thank you Julie, I am very pleased that you think I was able to capture a little bit of Fremantle in my drawings. A big thank you also for giving the artist’s name and website for the mural. It is a pity I missed him.

  2. Lovely to hear of your adventures down under. You are have a cold and grey winter, just think of us here where we are having a rather cold and grey summer boo hoo….. Lovely sketches as alway. Sue

  3. What lovely images. Looks like the perfect break and to meet a fellow blogger and artist in person!

    I’m sorry to hear about the cold wet winter, you truly have my sympathy.

    • It was fun to meet Julie and to see her work. I suppose I shouldn’t complain about it being winter and rain is always a good thing round here, but after some warmth and sun…. Than you for your sympathy, I hope your summer is sunny and warm.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time – so nice to be able to put a face to a blogging friend! Your B&B looks lovely, a good choice for a relaxing weekend!

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