Ubud – Come and meet our Lily pond

Lily Pond at Sapu Lidi Resort Ubud.  Water colour and ink

Lily Pond at Sapu Lidi Resort Ubud. Water colour and ink

We are spending most of our time in Ubud.  I visited quickly on my last holiday and decided to spend most of my time here on this holiday and I am so very happy that I have.  There is so much to do and see here, with slightly fewer tourist.  Ubud is more in the centre of Bali, it is seen as the cultural heart and they are so generous in sharing their culture and history.

The drawing is the view from our room.  It literally sits right on the edge of this lake/pond and I look over it from my bed and sit on the edge (another day bed) and draw.  It just doesn’t get better than this.

Water lily pond Sapu Lidi Resort Ubud

Water lily pond Sapu Lidi Resort Ubud

We have been watching all the wild life in and around the pond and I have tried to add them into the picture.  The stars are the water lilies, they open at night after dusk and will close again at midday.  The buds grow at incredible speed they will poke their heads up out of the water in the morning and grow at least two feet during the day and just start to open by the evening.  They will flower for a few days then slowly sink back under.

There is also the swallows that fly over the pond skimming off the bugs from the surface.  So many do this that you can hear the clack of their wings.  They tag team with the bats who take over at dusk (though they didn’t get into the picture)  There is also a water hen that stalks the lily pads at dusk and dawn and makes quite a racket.  There are some very large fish and one huge golden carp that you just see a flash of his gold back as he jumps for food.  There are also a couple of two metre water monitor lizards that cruise across the pond on a regular basis going from the bank to under the pavilion.  They will drag themselves out over the lily pads if they get in their path.  I dangled my toes in the water on the first day but not after seeing these creatures.

Water Hen on the pond near our patio. Ubud Bali

Water Hen on the pond near our patio. (you can see the edge of the day bed) Ubud Bali

There are also great big fat, black, shiny bumble bees with one red stripe that hover over the lily flowers drinking their nectar and amazingly bright dragonflies some red others blue.  It has been such a joy to just sit here and observe all these creatures in this gorgeous location.

Hope you liked it too.


18 responses to “Ubud – Come and meet our Lily pond

  1. Oh Karen, this is paradise isn’t it!? I love that you have observed so much even the flapping of wings all from you day bed. Your watercolor is beautiful truly delicious. I enlarged it so I could see all your creatures, including the water hen. Its wonderful and vibrant and clearly has the stamp of Karen the artist.

    Thank you for sharing your vacation. Its breath taking!

    • Your comments were so kind, thank you. It has been busy on the day bed. It took a couple of days to finish the painting, between spas and shopping, so I could spend time just taking in the scene. I was surprised there was so much activity. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. mannerandmaterial

    Your art is gorgeous as usual. I am always impressed at how much paint you get on a page without warping. I actually like Monitor Lizards, but they can be dangerous and they move FAST. 😉

    • Oh my, I have never encountered monitor lizards before and I have enjoyed watching them swim around, I did not realised they could be dangerous. Australian lizards can be big, but not dangerous, I am definitely keeping my toes out, but still love watching them. I always use heavy paper when I paint, mostly cause I like it and use lots of light layers with water colour, so not much warping occurs.

  3. Magical and what lovely rendering of your enchanting surrounding. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. A beautiful painting of a beautiful place 🙂

  5. what a nice view and painting of the lilly pond! Monet would be jealous.

  6. Your watercolor is lovely. What a wonderful thing, create art from a daybed while looking out over a beautiful scene teeming with life. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  7. Wow, how beautiful – both the setting and your rendition of it. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I saw green dragonflies and orange in the ricefields beside our hotel.

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