Collaboration 2 Collections

Collections Karen's Page

Collections Karen’s Page

I have finally finished the last book in the collaboration.  Thank you Cathe for being so patient as I dealt with other things in my life.  This is a lovely book based on a great idea, collections.  Don’t we all have a pile of those great little treasures that you find on a walk and bring home.  Well I used to, but for some reason I don’t any more.  I think it is because I don’t have a studio at the moment and I am always carrying my art work between Melbourne and Castlemaine, but I think it could also be because I take photos now rather than collect.

So I was a little bit stumped on what to do, then I thought of other collections I have and one of my favourites is my herb collection.  I love growing, smelling, eating, cooking and drawing my herbs and no matter where I live I always have a patch of herbs.  So a few of my favourites went into my page.

Collections joint  page

Collections joint page

For the joint page I went for a walk and made a collection of some  of the things that caught my eye.  I was lucky enough to find the yellow crest feather of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and then the breast feather of a pink Galah, another native parrot and some lovely delicate gumnuts.

The book is finished now and here are the other pages. The page below is the first page, Cathe did the lovely drawing of the paintbrushes in the jar and we all added little bits to it.  Gale the marbles, Anna the feathers (I just realised they are Galah feathers too by the look of them) and I did the gumnuts.

Collections Joint front page

Collections Joint front page

Next is Cathe’s page, she has such a great design sense when she puts these pages together and I like the way she makes the lettering part of the drawing.  I am inspired by her lettering and hope I can get my own to work as well in my journals.  Her feathers are also gorgeous.

Collections Cathe's page

Collections Cathe’s page

Next to work in the book was Gale, she was really inspired by this and put such a great diversity of objects in her collection page. the old tool is fantastic and sits along the rest of the collection so happily.

Collections Gale's page

Collections Gale’s page

Anna followed next and she was so inspired by this book that she has started her own journal of her collections.

Collections Anna's page

Collections Anna’s page

So our collaboration has finished, but we have all been so inspired, challenged and rewarded by it in so many ways, I do think that we will do another one next year.  I must say that I am looking forward to it.  We have all become such good friends through it and learned a great deal from one another.


16 responses to “Collaboration 2 Collections

  1. It has been so fun for me to watch it grow through all the different posts about it…what a lovely way to share art and make friendships too! You all complimented each wonderfully!

    • It was amazing how well each book worked as we did not get together because of similar styles. Maybe it was similar styles that brought us to follow each other’s blog . So a great thing to do, so glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. You’ve all gone out with a bang – like the biggest firework is at the end. This book is a masterpiece – every single page exquisite. Congratulations Artists!!!

    • Thanks Julie, it did turn out really well, didn’t it. I am lucky enough to have two of the books at my place at the moment and they are just fantastic. It would be so nice to see them all together. Looking forward to the next round.

  3. This is yummy. Yes, you do have similar styles but that brings cohesion. Wow, you’re planning another round next year? Nice.

  4. Karen, it looks so good! As everyone says, all our styles work together so well – it’s been lovely to see it all again and your lovely delicate herbs. You have done a beautiful job. (And yes, great minds with the galah feathers!) I’m very much looking forward to our next edition!

    • Thanks Anna, I did not realise you had already added the galah feathers until I did my last drawing on the front page. They are one of my favourite feathers, so pretty all fluffy and pink. It was so nice to finish a book off, very satisfying.

  5. Your herb collection is beautifully done. This collaboration is stunning and so very lovely. The styles are similar and compliment each other so wonderfully and yet each artists’ voice is still unique. I feel honored to have been able to see this develop through the different posts and inspired. Thank you for sharing these gems.

    • It has been one of the joys of this collaboration to share the journey with our blogging community as that is the only way we know each other. It has been fun to share our art in such a tangible way.

  6. What a beautiful collection of art. Your art styles all blend SO perfect together. If I hadn’t read through what you wrote, I would have assumed it was all your creations. How fun to collaborate with other artists! How big [many pages] is the collection book?

    • The styles do work well together, particularly in this book. It is interesting as we did not do the collaboration together because of similar styles, but we all do have a similar style and subject matter, probably why we follow each other in the first place. These are all the pages in the books. Only little to keep it simple.

  7. Oh Karen, I’m just getting caught up after being away for a week on business. Your addition to my book is stunning and so lovely to see everyones beautiful contributions! I love your herbs, feathers and pods. I picked up some gumnut, which was being used in some bouquets and thought they looked like they were from Australia. You solved my mystery!

    I love what you have created and your thoughtful and kind write up! I too look forward to another collaboration. This was so fulfilling!

    Thank you so much for everything you did on our collaboration including keeping us organized!

    • Whew, I am always a little anxious to hear from the owner of the book I have been working, what if they don’t like it. So pleased you do like it and are happy with how we all added to your lovely book. It is so satisfying to see it completed, I will be sorry to let it go, but I know how excited you will be to get it back after all it’s travels.

  8. Too funny Karen. I always worry that I somehow did not put the right address down and it never reaches the recipient! How would I explain myself. I usually linger with each book. It is hard to say goodbye!

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