Spring Wildflowers

Fairy Wax Flower, Water colour and ink

Fairy Wax Flower, Water colour and ink

Spring has finally arrived and surprisingly enough it is blessing us with the most glorious weather for our long weekend here in Victoria.  It is 26 C today, 28 tomorrow and 31 on Sunday.  I have been out drawing in the bush this morning and mean to continue to soak up this sun all weekend.  The first time I have had the french doors open all day this year.

Gold dust Wattle water colour and ink

Gold dust Wattle water-colour and ink

Pink Bells watercolour and ink

Pink Bells water-colour and ink

This is my second season of painting the wild flowers and I am enjoying it  as much as last year.  I now know more of the names and I have looked back in my sketch book and can see when the different flowers bloomed.  I am not much into latin plant names but I do like to know the names of the plants I am drawing, though sometimes it takes me longer to research the plant then to draw it.  Still haven’t found the name of the one below.

Unknown flower as yet, watercolour and ink

Unknown flower as yet, watercolour and ink


I have done a bit of research in taking photos with my iPhone and have found an app, Camera+, that takes the best macro photos, I was amazed at how close I can get and how well they turned out.  This will make taking photos for reference so much easier.  I keep thinking that I will buy a good camera, but for my needs the iPhone is doing all I want at the moment and it is so convenient.


Button everlasting daisy




Paper Everlasting Daisy


Waxlip Orchid


Hannah helping me draw

I hope you get to go out and enjoy some sun this weekend too.

20 responses to “Spring Wildflowers

  1. Beautiful delicate studies, Karen. Love your fairy wax flower.

  2. Lovely paintings and a delightful array of flowers, some quite unique looking, (Button everlasting daisy is cute!). Your photographs are great and inspiring to step out and take a closer look. Thank you for sharing these.

  3. Lovely drawings and the photos look great! I live in Victoria too, and I’m certainly looking forward to more of this lovely weather. And daylight saving begins, yay! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    • Another Victorian, how lovely to have s local to chat too. Where abouts are you? Yes it is a great weekend, it’s early Saturday morning as I write this and I am off to catch some morning light for my photos and drawings, nothing is quite like this magical time of day, it just hard to drag myself out of my cosy bed to catch it.

      • Yes, lovely to have a local to chat to…I’m in the Gippsland area.
        I downloaded the Camera + you mentioned in your recent post, onto my iPad – where I also do a lot of my drawing and painting lately. Hope to get time (amid my often busy – a good busy 🙂 family life) to try it out this weekend. Looks like you can get great detail with this app; it’ll be handy for reference material for my drawings…I’m not an experienced photographer, but I see so many lovely photos (including yours) I reckon I’ll venture into it more. Hope you get to draw and take lots of photos on this lovely sunny day. All the best, Janette.

  4. Glad you found a cool micro app for your phone. Your drawings are very sweet, nice and accurate. I also grab a specimen to view while I draw. Love!

    • So pleased you like the drawings. I am a little obsessed with my new app, I am taking photos of every flower I see, what fun it has been. Thank goodness digital photos are free, I think I took 200 shots yesterday and I am back out today.

  5. Lovely!! We are both in our favourite seasons – your Spring, my Fall 🙂

    • It is fun this way, we get to have the best of both worlds. Just quietly though I prefer Autumn/fall best, I get to impatient with spring in a hurry for the warmer weather, while in Autumn I am happy to drift into winter. Hay fever might influence that as well. 😉

  6. Brilliant pictures and an insight into a flora half a world away! I have had my doors open wide this week too, as we have had a glorious late September week it is so lovely to get the last of the warmth before the autumn really sets in. Sue

  7. How absolutely lovely! Your art is so soft and delicate, and truly represents Spring. Also love the flower photos, too. [Spring is my second favorite time of year.]

    • This softer look is working for me this year, getting better with the water colour. Practice is the key isn’t it. This spring has been late, but it is certainly making up for it now with beautiful weather.

  8. Oh how I love these paintings Karen. They are so delicate, just lovely! I know what you mean about latin names, I can never remember them but I love how they look when written out. They become their own art form. I’m a bit jealous that you are going into spring and the warm months. Fall is beautiful but a heaviness is hanging over my head and I’m having a hard time shaking it. I know, embrace the season! Well, more importantly your post is so beautiful and reflects the loveliness of the spring season. I would go roll in the grass with that cute Westie! Thank you for the endorsement of camera+, I use it all the time but forget the macro setting. Now we need to get you on instagram!

    • So glad you enjoyed my spring flowers, it is nice to share the opposite seasons with my northern hemisphere friends. It is interesting what you said about fall as I feel a little bit like that with Spring here. I love the return of the warmer weather, but our summers can be brutally hot and it is a struggle to keep the garden going through it and we have such bad bush fires as well. I like autumn best, you can relax as the worst of the heat is over and you can coast into our mild winter. Oh I just started using my Instagram account this weekend so I will have to go find you there.

  9. I just found you on IG, I couldn’t help myself, I liked everything!

  10. I think finding the name of the plant is half the fun – frustrating when they don’t quite seem to match up with anything! These are looking great Karen, you are clearly enjoying doing the paintings, it shows through. The photos are wonderful too, I’m going to investigate that app!

    • I do enjoy the search for the flower name, but the little orchid is eluding me so far. I think I will need to email an expert. Do try out the app I was so impressed how well it worked without any attachments to the phone. It does all I want at the moment, though it is taking me a bit of time to get used to how it works.

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