Last two drawings – Bali Journal

Cafe Bunete Ubud Bali. Watercolor and ink

Cafe Bunete Ubud Bali. Watercolor and ink

I just realised how long it has been since I last posted and it has been ages.  My day job has been totally flat out and I have just not had enough energy left to draw.  But it is slowing down a bit and I have had a chance to finish the last two drawings in my Bali journal.

The above drawing is of a cafe we dropped into during the heat of the day to cool off before we went to the spa.  It was so inviting and the bright silk cushions were so lovely and bright in the dim coolness.  The food and service that we had in Bali was excellent, but the thing that stands out most in my mind was the lime drinks.  I wasn’t able to drink alcohol while I was away, (when I get too tired it just gives me a headache, alas for all the lovely cocktails I couldn’t sample), but the non-alcoholic drinks available were awesome.   Some had lime and mint, others had spices like cinnamon and two or three vanilla pods.  Vanilla pods were clearly cheaper there than at home.

I am really happy with the layout of this and the next spread that I did, I think I am finally getting the hang of journal page layout.  I like the visual link between the pages where the drawing either goes onto the next page or the little illustration links across.  This gives more interest to the journal pages and makes it a journal rather than a book of different drawings.

Cafe spread  Watercolour and ink Bali Journal 2015

Cafe spread Watercolour and ink Bali Journal 2015

Taksu Spa Spread Water colour and Ink Bali Journal 2015

Taksu Spa Spread Water colour and Ink Bali Journal 2015

The Spa drawing is of Taksu Spa in Ubud and it is a divine place. The Spa complex spans a creek bed and you climb down into the creek gully into this wonderful  alternate universe with pavilions floating in the pools, water lilies, ferns and aerial roots from the figs above hanging down.  The treatments were also pretty good too.

Taksu Spa Ubud Bali Water colour and ink Bali Journal 2015

Taksu Spa Ubud Bali Water colour and ink Bali Journal 2015

Well that is all of the main drawings done for the journal, I just have to add some photos and neaten up a few pages and it will all be complete.  It has been a magical trip and I have really enjoyed making the journal, even though it took much longer than I had hoped.  Like all these things I have learned such a lot by doing it and the memories from this trip are saved in such a wonderful way.



15 responses to “Last two drawings – Bali Journal

  1. Gorgeous travel journal!

  2. I’ve missed you Karen. Glad that work is no longer so frantic and that you have been able to pick up your journal again. I’m inspired to have a go with a journal, but my day to day life is a bit mundane (but I guess I will just have to be REALLY creative!) Hope you have a few days creativity over the coming holidays. Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year, and thank you for your support and input. Sue x

    • Thank you Sue, it is so nice to get back to my art again and to post about it, I have missed it. A journal might be a nice new challenge for you after your mammoth 365 days of sketching. I am sure there is plenty to draw in your new surroundings. Merry Christmas to you and your family and I have really enjoyed sharing our art this year. Karen

  3. Karen, I agree, these images are so magical. What a fantastic trip but even more so, what beautiful renderings of this lovely place! Im enjoying your page and spread layouts, the designer in me gets so excited and your hand lettered type, beautiful! Thank you for sharing your magical journal!

    • Thanks Cathe, glad you are still enjoying seeing Bali. After four months of drawing Bali images I am looking forward to a change of topic! I am chuffed you like my layouts as I respect your design abilities.

  4. What a beautiful journal and a wonderful reminder of Bali. Congratulations!

  5. Your drawings are vibrant and lovely. They are so evocative of Bali. I really can feel the moist heat and smell the tropical vegetation.

  6. Love the depth and details – these pages and your artwork have a storybook quality that is so very inviting and interesting.

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