Merry Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Turtle dove. Water colour and inks. Journal

12 Days of Christmas Turtle dove. Water colour and inks. Journal

It’s the night before Christmas already here in Australia and we have just about finished preparing for the big day.  Only a couple more presents to wrap and the ice-cream to set.  It has been a really tough end to the year, but we have rallied and are now ready for our two day Christmas festival.  With the children now gown up and with commitments of their own, we have had to spread Christmas over two days.  Its tough, but we are willing to go there.

This gives us the opportunity to have both the traditional and Australian Christmas fare.  My mum and brother love the full english tradition of turkey, ham and plum pudding.  I have to admit I have always struggled with this and with Christmas being 35C it isn’t the most fitting for our summer season.  The Australian Christmas is usually seafood, mangoes, avocados, ice-cream and loads of fresh berries or it is in our house.

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

I have been up early and to the market to get all the seafood and fabulous deli treats. My sister and I love to cook, so we are baking for a couple of weeks and have loads of fun planning our festivities.

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Now these are something I prepared earlier, in fact I started them last year, but didn’t get them finished on time, so I have finished them for you now, I hope you like my version.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and everyone just has a lovely day with friends, families and loved ones.  I would like to thank everyone for their support and kind words this year, you really keep me going and I appreciate it so much.  So have fun everyone I will be.


The back room is decorated and ready for Christmas


10 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. I love the sounds of your Australian Christmas, especially your menu. Being a girl from a warm climate I would love to eat mangos, berries, sea food, ice cream and of course wine for Christmas! Your 12 days of Christmas are so charming Karen. I’m glad you finished them up! Have a very merry time with your family and all the best to you in 2016, lots of love and creativity!

    • Thanks Cathe. Oh there will be plenty of wine and a few G & Ts over the celebrations. Rose has made a comeback here and there are some great Aussie ones we will be trying. Your post inspired me to share my Christmas preparation as well. X. (Ps. I think Santa might bring me some art supplies can’t wait)

  2. Your 12 days are just lovely Karen, full of Australian Christmas colours. I’m sure you had a wonderful day with your family. We had a beautiful day here in very mild London, lots of good food and laughter. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in 2016, and I hope we will be working together again xx.

  3. The 12 days of Christmas are absolutely gorgeous! I have to say I don’t know what it would feel like to be in such a warm environment for Christmas….I am a New England(USA) girl and would probably find it very difficult too. Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy the whole season!

    • It is a completely different experience to have Christmas in summer and it also heralds the start of summer holidays. I thought I would share a bit about it as I really enjoy seeing how all my blogging friends celebrate it in their own traditions.

  4. How beautiful are your 12 days of Christmas! It has been wonderful seeing your work this year and look forward to what is to come in 2016.

    • Thanks Nancy, I nearly forgot I had them from last year.. But it was nice to have something already prepared for a Christmas post. I am looking forward to next year too. Not sure what I will do yet, but I have lots of ideas floating about in my head.

  5. I enjoyed reading about your holiday preparations, Karen – and the glimpse in your back room. Your 12 Days of Christmas colored drawings are very colorful and joyous. Hope you have a grand 2016! Yes, it is different for me to coming from the north where Christmas was always chilly and with snow somewhere in the picture to the tropics in Florida.

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