Mum and Hannah  Neocolor and ink

Mum and Hannah Neocolor and ink Lambley Nursery 

It has been 100 days since I last posted and so much has happened in that time.  It is amazing, life goes on pretty much the same for years, then in a few months everything all changes.  I have to admit that the need for change has been building in my life for a few years now, so in some ways these last months have been a good thing as they are sorting out a lot of issues, but did it all have to happen at once!!!  I know these things are sent to test us and make us stronger, but really how strong do we need to be!

Over five years ago I left my house in Castlemaine, came to Melbourne with my mother and moved in with my sister and her two children.  My father had just passed away and Mum was in her eighties and blind so we needed to care for her.  My niece and nephew were at high school and as my sister is a single mother it also gave her some support with raising the kids.

Well five years later my niece has finished her Masters and has a new job, she has moved out of home with her partner and my nephew still at Uni, is moving out as well.  Child raising responsibilities over, we no longer need the big house in the suburbs.  Mum is slowly declining and will need more care than we can provide soon as her memory and sight continues to fail.

Then the companies I (and my sister) work for are in serious trouble, government funding changes and we are no longer viable and two out of the three companies go into liquidation.  So for many months we have not been sure if the next pay day will be the last as we scramble to find a way forward.

As you can imagine everything was up in the air and changes needed to be made.  I will not bore you with the details but after three months of struggle we have a solution.  We are moving back to Castlemaine, thankfully the property never sold and was rented out, I will be working part time and Mum is slowly being transitioned into care up here.

So in the end it will be a great outcome.  Children happy and independent, mother having her care requirements met and my sister and I have ongoing employment and will be sharing the property, which has two houses on a large block.  Loads of time for art and to get serious in selling and a garden to play in.  There is even room for some chooks and a vege patch.  We will move at the end of the month and I am so excited by the possibilities before me.

So I apologies for my lack of communication but am looking forward to sharing my new life with you as I can devote so much more time to my art and sharing it with my friends.


20 responses to “Changes

  1. That is a very packed few months! What an emotional, stressful time. But it sounds as though the future is looking very good for you and your family. Your painting of your mother reminds me of mine. When she finally went into a nursing home the time was right and she had a happy and secure final year. For you and your sister you can now really look forwards. I hope our new collaboration will be an opportunity for you to really get back into your art and move to ever greater things!

    • Thanks Anna, the collaboration is perfect in its timing. It not only gets me going with a new project but it gets me back into printmaking, which I wanted to return to as well. Working with everyone again is such a privilege. X

  2. Very well said.. and Image is Fantastic

  3. This is a lovely post, thank you so much for sharing! The drawing is exquisite! I wish you all the best for the move and the new beginnings and look forward to hearing about how it all goes for you and your family. Not everyone realises that they are the bedrock of our creative lives 🙂 Many greetings from Germany!

    • Thank you Antje, I appreciate your kind words and support. I have a lot planned for you all as soon as the move has been made. Back to packing boxes. Who knew I had so many art supplies and paper!

  4. Karen, so happy to read the next chapter and know that its going to work out and give you more time for your creativity. The stress you have gone through sounds horrendous. To your point, why does everything happen at once? Thankfully you and your sister sorted it out. Your new living situation sounds ideal and a veggie garden! I look forward to our collaboration, healing for all but also knowing you’ll have more time for your art!

    • Thanks Cathe, it is good to be getting through all this, it looked bad there for awhile but you just hang in there and sort it through. I am looking forward to the move and most of all more time for my art and other creative pursuits.

  5. Good luck with all your changes. You have a lot to look forward to! What a lovely picture.

    • Thanks Chris. I don’t often draw people, but I think I captured some of Mums spirit in this drawing. It is from a photo I took IG her on her 88 birthday and my sister and I took her to a lovely nursery.

  6. I HAD noticed how quiet you were, Karen. I’m so glad that everything is working out for you. Fantastic news.

  7. Wonderful. It’s that when one door closes thing. It’s a lot to go through. Kinda in similar boat. Art and veggies nothing better.

    • I so agree, my sister found a gorgeous saying, ‘all I want is to make beautiful things and get enough sleep’. That is how I feel. Hope all your transition go well too and thanks for your support.

  8. So happy to hear of a solution ~ things are falling into place and that is a blessing. I love your sister’s new saying! I am adopting it – how lovely your future prospects are with your new home waiting for you. Best wishes! All the best …

  9. As someone with insomnia (up at 3 am across the world) I enjoyed your sister’s saying too. Well, this seems a positive step, back to where you belong. I’m sorry about your Mom deteriorating, but it is heartening that she can get care.

    I get you about not having the time or inclination for art and communication. As you know, I’ve been in limbo for months during my move. New things ahead!!


  10. Thanks for sharing this and I hope things settle down and fall jnto place for
    you soon. In a selfish way I am flad that you will have time to make more art as I so ebjoy seeing it. This is a wonderful painting of your mother.

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