A New Start

View From my door May 2016 Pen and water colour pencil

View From my door May 2016 Pen and water colour pencil

The move has occurred and I have begun to settle in and even found enough time from the unpacking to do a quick sketch.  It is so good to be back in Castlemaine full-time, (will almost I still go to Melbourne two days a week for work) and I can finally get to play in my garden.  Lots to do and lots to plan.  Next to my art, creating gardens is my favourite thing and at the rate I move around, creating gardens is what I end up doing, rather than watching them age and mature.

This is the view out of my front door, of the old pepper-corn tree with the bird feeder and elk-horn plant.  The crimson rosellas are frequenting the feeder again as I am able to keep it topped up for them.  It is so lovely to have their flashes of colour in the garden.  There are also blue wrens hopping around and I will be drawing them in upcoming works.

Rosehips May 2016 Pen and water colour Pencil

I like to think of gardening as drawing and designing in 3D, with the added bonus of scent.  The garden will be a major inspiration for my art, so dear readers you will be seeing the creation of the garden along with the creation of the art.

I have done lots of researching on sustainable gardening techniques including permaculture and have found that you can make straw bale gardens.  You use strawbales and start them decomposing and then plant into them.  They will last about 12 months before they break down too much and you use them as mulch.  I am going to use some for the vege patch and others for an annual flower garden.  I will share the results with you.  Lots of pretty flowers with an abundance of gorgeous scent.

Start of the strawbale garden

Start of the strawbale garden

So hopefully I will be making pretty things and getting enough sleep.  The recipe for a happy life.


10 responses to “A New Start

  1. So much potential! Do you have a fireplace for the cold season ahead?

  2. It looks like you are living in paradise! So glad you are done with the move and can enjoy the beauty in your garden.

    • Thanks Cathe, not quite paradise, you only get the best view and a little artistic licence greened everything up. But it is wonderful and will be a little paradise when the gardens get established.

  3. It must be a relief to have now completed the move. Now its all looking to the future! I can see you will have fun with your garden – I’m looking forward to seeing it grow!

    • Yes lots of exciting things to do! Just settling into new routines and getting the studio sorted out. All the things I didn’t know where to put have ended up in there and it all needs to get sorted so I can renovate it. Karen.

  4. How interesting about the bales, Karen – welcome home! I too am gardening and like your 3-D perspective about the art of the garden. Your view looks wonderful and I adore your sketch.

  5. anniedrawsthings

    Beautiful! I am so excited to see how your garden comes along and how it will influence your lovely art!

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