Settling In

Bounty in a mid- century kitchen  Water colour and ink

Bounty in a mid- century kitchen Water colour and ink

It is Sunday night and for the first time (in more time then I care to remember), I am tired after spending time in the garden doing physical activity.  Nothing beats the feeling of putting your feet up at the end of the day after you have really achieved something.

I have been working on three gardens this weekend.  One garden has the straw bales seasoned and it has just been sown with beautiful flower seeds.  I did start planting them out in a careful pattern, but sowing seed is harder then it looks as some where so tiny, so as usual the great plan was thrown over to a more adhoc system.  Another garden has had the straw bales laid out and it will be planted with peas and beans, its seasoning process has begun.  The other garden has been planned and the plants ordered, it will be a 17 metre long rose garden, under-planted with lavender and catmint.   We have chosen mostly old fashioned scented roses going from a deep red, through the pinks to white.  You have no idea how much fun it is to order 19 roses at once.

The double page spread

The double page spread

During the week I stayed at a friend’s house, she is an amazing cook and adores all things mid-century.  I bought her some local produce and she displayed them in her new Lucie Kaas bowls.  This is her picture, but I loved the composition so much I had to draw it.  It shows three things close to her heart, great produce, great design and her kitchen.  What’s not to love.


16 responses to “Settling In

  1. I can clearly see the love, respect and joy which went into this drawing of an aspect of your friend’s kitchen. The drawing overflows with warmth and abundance.

  2. Beautiful art Karen.

  3. Indeed, what is not to love…your garden sounds magnificent and sure to bring you much joy. Your painting is lovely and full of the warmth and joy one would expect to find in a friend’s kitchen…who happens to adore mid-century modern? Bonus! and Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Your garden sounds wonderful and your visit to your friends kitchen looks so joyful. I love your painting, its perfect. So warm and inviting, I love your color palette too!

    • Thanks Cathe, the garden should be great, the theory and plants are good, just hope I can grow them. I also loved the palette for this painting, the credit goes to my friends good taste, but I really love the grey/blue/greens.

  5. As soon as I saw this drawing I felt happy – what lovely colours and forms, such richness. Your friend’s kitchen must be a place where good things are made! Your garden sounds like a huge challenge, but will be wonderful to build and watch grow. I am looking forward to seeing progress sketches!

    • You would not believe the good things that come out of her kitchen she really can cook. Yummy, I ply her with great produce just to see what she does with it. The gardens will be a challenge, but such a fun one. Can’t wait to see them all flowering. Many pictures to come.

  6. anniedrawsthings

    Lovely drawing of this cute kitchen! I especially love the detail on the books. Wonderful work, Karen!

    • Thanks so much Annie, I am particularly pleased you liked the books, they were very fiddley to do and I was concerned, composition wise that they might overwhelm the fruit.

  7. Scented roses ~ ahhhhhhh. Your gardens sound like they are going to be very satisfying as they unfold their treasures. I have to tell my mother in law about the bales … wonder if we can do that in FL? My mother in law has a nice veggie garden. Nothing like fresh produce from the garden, and your painting is so lush … textured and cozy. Glad you’re settling in nicely!

    • I like my gardens to work hard, most of the plants need to have a couple of uses, they either need to smell nice, be able to be cut for inside or best of all to be used to make something. I am really into herbs and love to cook, make salves, teas and scented sachets. And best of all I want to draw them. Strawbale gardening will work in all climates and is super easy, your Aunt may find it useful for her veges.

  8. Hi Karen, I used to grow a lot of herbs too. 😊 Love that you ordered 19 roses at once! How exciting! I hope you got some wonderfully scented ones! Your painting sings JOY! ❤️💜💖

    • How extravagant was that order!!! They are all scented and even some rugosas for the hips. Rose hip jelly. Lucky I had my sister to help pay for it as well. We share the property and a love of gardening. 🌹💕

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