Meet Rosie our New Puppy

Rosie amongst the pot plants. Water colour and ink

We have a new addition to our family, a little, red, border collie named Rosie.  She is a little bundle of joy and trouble and has stolen all our hearts.  Well perhaps not our older dog Hannah, but they are getting along ok and will be good friends in time.        
My neice’s dog came to visit and he was so wonderfully gentle with her, for such a boisterous boy.  She is only nine weeks old, but is able to hold her own with the older dogs.

I have been busy with the garden and working on the house, so haven’t been doing as much art as I had hoped, but as we settle into our new routines I hope to be doing more.  

Here are some puppy photos for you to enjoy.


Hannah and Rosie

Rosie playing peek-a-boo from under the coach

Playing with Max when he came for a visit

17 responses to “Meet Rosie our New Puppy

  1. Cute painting and adorable pup and friends…dogs make the days brighter.

  2. Beautiful drawing of Rosie. You have caught her ‘newness’; her innocence and sense of wonder at the whole world. Such a heartfelt drawing!!

    • Thanks Julie, I find it scary to draw animals or people I love as I am so critical of the outcome, the fact that you feel I have captured her lovely little puppy nature makes me happy …. and relieved.

  3. What a joy a puppy is and how happy she is on your house! But your drawing absolutely gorgeous! Cheers, johanna

    • Thanks Johanna, she brings a lot of joy and fills a big hole that the loss of our old girl left. It is so sad when you lose a dog, but always such a joy to learn the personality of your new one that comes into your life. Glad you like my drawing of her.

      • I know, I always felt a little guilt when a new dog arrived in our lives when we had to say goodbye to a dear friend before. But I have learned that of course life without a dog is unthinkable and each one of them has their own place in our heart. Rosie is one lucky girl!!! And that drawing makes me indeed very happy xoxox

  4. So sweet , thanks for sharing.

  5. What a sweetie Rosie is! Hannah and Rosie look like quite the fun pair. I love your painting of Rosie, she is adorable!

  6. Rosie is gorgeous – I love that look in her eye, slightly suspicious, still working everything out. Lovely to have new life about the place!

  7. Congratulations on the new addition to your household and family. Rosie is adorable, and your painting of her is so lovingly done. xo

  8. Nicole Santanello

    Congrats! Beautiful pup!

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