The Start of Spring Flowers

Chocolate Lily Coloured Pencils and Ink

Winter is still with us and it has been a very wet and cold one this year, I can’t wait for it to warm up and to have some sun again.  You know that spring is just around the corner though as the first spring wild flowers are starting to appear.  I love this time of year and my walks in the bush are so exciting as I scan the ground trying to find the first of the orchids to bloom.

It should be a good year for the wild flowers as there has been plenty of rain. For the first time I have spotted a Greenhood orchid, so hard to spot in fact, that when I went back to take another photo, I couldn’t find it again even though it was right beside the path.  There are lots of Scented Sundew flowers this year, they are such a big flower for a tiny, little plant.

Green Greenhood Orchid

Scented Sundew flower


It has been a long time since I have done a big, coloured pencil, flower drawing and it was lots of fun to do one again.  In celebration and in anticipation of this years wild flower season, I have drawn one of last years Chocolate Lilies.    I am going to do a series of the local wild flowers, so there will be more to come.

The new puppy is settling in very well and Hannah has decided she really is alright and they play together most of the day.  Hannah is going to be a lot fitter than she was, as well as happier to have a little mate. Though it will only be a couple more weeks until she is bigger than Hannah.

Rosie and Hannah watching me to see if I am going to come out and play with them.

Rosie and Hannah watching me to see if I am going to come out and play with them.


We have  some more household members and are proud owners of four chickens.  We decided on some good old fashioned names for our girls, Madge, Mabel, Violet and Dot. Can’t tell them apart yet but I am sure we will get to know them better soon.  I haven’t got a good photo of them yet, but I will be drawing them as well.


11 responses to “The Start of Spring Flowers

  1. That is a lovely drawing Karen, positively luscious! You are so lucky to live in a place where you can walk outside and find wild orchids, although I know with such tiny ones you do have to get your eye in! I’m glad Hannah has got used to Rosie – it sounds as though she is giving Hannah a new lease of life.

    • It is just so magical here when the windflowers bloom, it turns this otherwise grey and scrappy bush into a micro wonderland. I like the way you have to search out the gems. It is so heart warming to see Hannah play and look after the puppy, she is such a good dog.

  2. “The Good Life”. So many people would be envious of what you have. I bet you don’t take your beautiful house and environment for granted. Of course you don’t as you write and make art about it – sure signs of true appreciation of one’s lot.
    I can see you have put some rapture into your drawing. Your lily is luminous and luxurious, symbolic of love of life.

  3. Your flowers are stunning! Love that purple color!! Look forward to “meeting” your chickens… their names are great! 🙂

    • Thanks Jill, so glad you liked the flowers. We had fun with naming the chooks and went for what we thought of as 50’s housewife names, as there is something so old fashioned and domestic about them.

  4. These are beautiful Karen. As summer is leaving us, spring is coming to you! And a very happy belated birthday wishes to you!

    • Thanks Cathe, I always get so impatient at this time of year and can’t wait for the sun to warm things up. It doesn’t help that I have so many gardens beds just waiting for that flush of Spring growth. Enjoy your summer!

  5. this really jumped out at me. the brilliant purple. beautiful work, karen!

  6. I really enjoyed the vivid colours of your lilies and hearing about your chickens. Thank you! I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Today’s poem is about Spring flowers 🙂 Have a nice afternoon, Sam 🙂

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