Greenhood Orchid


Greenhood Orchid Coloured Pencil and Ink


Spring is finally ‘officially’ here and I have been torn between walks in the bush to find flowers, drawing and gardening.  I feel like the puppy, excitedly running from one to the other, not settling at anything.

It is such a busy time and as the weather tries to warm up, you just want to be out there.  We have just finished planting the roses and lavender in the front garden bed and made a huge seed order for the summer vege patch.  Not sure where they are all going to go, but it was impossible to be restrained with all these amazing heirloom varieties that sound so wonderful.  Vegetables such as Flageolet Flagrano Bean, Paris market carrots, Costoluto Genovese tomatoe, one of the oldest Italian varieties and Rosa Bianca eggplant.


Little Greenhoods in the bush

The little Greenhood orchids are still flowering and I finally found time to complete a drawing of one.  Such gorgeous little things only a 1-2cm long flower and the stand no more than 7-8cm high.  I am not usually fond of green flowers but these are so crisp and fresh and who can resist such a bizarre shape.


Lynette and the dogs, searching for orchids on a spring morning

I have found a couple of new orchids this year, which is always exciting.  There is the Leopard Orchid all yellow and brown, Lynette thinks it looks more like a dragon and the Yellow Moth orchid with its stunning, clear, yellow petals.  The good thing about being a beginner at this, is there are so many new plants to discover.  Every walk is an adventure.  I now have my sister hooked and it is better with two people searching, as all these flowers are very small.  (Tap/click the image for the orchid name.)


8 responses to “Greenhood Orchid

  1. You do have a wonderful variety of native flowers. Like you, I am going out a lot at the moment, enjoying this in-between weather; neither too hot nor too cold. We will both have to keep half an eye out for waking-up snakes.
    Beautiful drawing.

  2. Looks like everything is springing to life! Fun to see what is popping up near you Karen!

  3. Those tiny orchids are such a delight! Each one is hard to find but when you look at them closely there is weird and wonderful detail in each one. You have clearly got your eye in to finding them. The Greenhood is a classic example of a weird but beautiful one!

    • There are so many orchids out this year after the heavy winter rains, I have seen so many more than usual. It is fun to search them out. Hoping to take enough photos during the season to last me for awhile.

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