Fairy Wax Flower

Fairy Wax Flower Coloured Pencil and Ink

Fairy Wax Flower Coloured Pencil and Ink

Still running around taking photos of the wildflowers in the bush, it has not let up and with still more varieties coming into bloom.  We have not had such a bumper year (or a wetter one) and I am still finding new flowers to add to my collection of photos.  I will have so many photos to inspire my drawings, I hope they will last all year.

This one is the Fairy Wax flower.  It is so very photogenic, just about every photo I have taken of these flowers have worked and the white flowers against the dark green leaves really stand out.  I never realised that flowers could be photogenic, but for me it is the case.  Some photograph well enough but just don’t look as good as others.  Of course this would have nothing to do with my ineptitude at photography or lack of real equipment  (Ha ha).  I am still taking all my photos on the Iphone with the Camera+ app.  I love the ease and I know that I would not have the patience to faff around with setting up a lot of equipment and give up taking photos.  Here are some of what I have taken lately.


Pink Fingers Orchid


Pink Bells


Large Sundew


Castlemaine Spider Orchid


Castlemaine Spider Orchid

We have planned a beautiful poteger vegetable patch with raised beds, formal layout and walls of wire mesh to climb things up.  It will be a staged event, with the beds going in this year and the walls next.  But we have had the wettest September on record, instead of 60mm of rain we have had 160mm.  this is really slowing down progress.

I will leave you with t Rosie watching the rain.  She is growing so fast, but seems to do it in stages, one moment her legs have grown and she is all gangling, then her ears will grow and she looks like a fox.  Never had a dog do that, but it is very funny to watch.

Rosie watching the rain

Rosie watching the rain


8 responses to “Fairy Wax Flower

  1. Seriously? You took these with an I-phone and camera+ app. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a camera + app. Utterly gorgeous photos – such colours – and wonderful to see those same colours in your beautiful drawing. Also lovely to see Rosie at the end of the post. Stunning!

    • The quality of the iPhone cameras just keep improving (though I am also not impressed with the update). The camera+ app has the best macro ability, don’t know how it works, but it gets me really close to these tiny little flowers most of which are the size of a 10-20c coin.

  2. Karen your drawing is extraordinary! Its so rich and brilliant. It has a graphic quality to it, perhaps the rich smooth colors against the white paper? Love seeing you photos. Camera+ is a great app. I like that you can edit your images with ease. I love seeing Rosie too. It is so interesting to see how dogs grow. I’ve noticed the funny growth pattern with our larger dogs. Wonderful post!

  3. That is a wonderful drawing Karen! It has such a glossy richness to it, much like those tiny orchids do in the bush when you get close to them. Great photos – the orchids are so strange and beautiful, we can really see them at their best in the detail of your photos.

  4. That spider lily is like something I saw here in Florida but it was white – and Rosie is adorable! Love your painting.

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