Rose – Pierre De Ronsard (WIP)

Pierre de Ronsard WIP (2)This is my latest work in progress and my favourite rose in the garden at the moment.  It is a big call to name my favourite rose, but Pierre wins.  Old fashioned roses are my favourite, the abundance of petals and the heavenly scent are major points in their favour.  I love the way the colours move from cream with a hint of green on the outside, to cream with a flush of pink on the edges in the middle, to a beautiful subtle pink in the centre.  The combination of cream and pink with the hint of apple green is stunning in this rose.

This particular climber has been in my garden for over eight years and is well established and producing magnificent blooms.  I find that my roses produce better blooms the older they get.  This is especially true for the old fashioned roses who tend to ball (go brown at the bud stage and never open) when young.

I have drawn this rose in my usual style with a under wash of sennelier ink then coloured pencil over the top.  It has been a great deal of fun to get back into this work again after a bit of a break and I have really enjoyed working with the beautiful colours of this rose and the challenge of making shadows in the cream rose work.  There is nothing like drawing a flower to make you really understand and appreciate it.


It has been ages since I last posted and the past 12 months have been very difficult.  My Mum passed away this time last year and after caring for her for so long and other major life crisis following on, I haven’t had the energy to keep the blog going.  My final blow was being made redundant a couple of months ago, just when you think it couldn’t get worse it does.  But it was a blessing in disguise and it has given me time to re-evaluate and make some new choices on what I would like my life to be like.  One of the clearest decisions was to take the opportunity to follow my art more seriously.  So for the last month I have been preparing my website and deciding on some business strategies and am looking forward to telling you all about them in the next post.



25 responses to “Rose – Pierre De Ronsard (WIP)

  1. Hi Karen, I certainly noticed that you weren’t posting. I’m so sorry to hear of your mother passing away and then of your job (not you) being made redundant. However, good on you for seeing the silver lining of this latest cloud. Your new art work is beautiful – especially when one sees how large it is in the final photo.
    I’m always fascinated to see what source an artist works from because often I find it UN-inspiring. (But that’s just me) and I love to see what another artist takes from it and what s/he creates. The source you show on your i-pad does nothing for me but your creative brain and hand have made something I find extremely inspiring. That’s art I guess!!!

    • Julie, it is nice to be back again, I missed it and everyone, especially your insightful comments. I am glad you like my rose, I haven’t tried a full blown rose before, I found all those petals very daunting.
      It is always so interesting to see how other artist work, so I try to share my process. I find the flowers in real life the inspiration, then hope I can get the angle right in the photo to capture the aspect of their beauty I want to convey. You are right the photo (or especially mine) do not have the life I want and I have to bring that out in the drawing. So glad it seems to be working.

      • Oh – and just to emphasise that my comment on your source photo is NO criticism whatsoever. It is the reverse. What each of us sees in – and creates from – our source material is what makes us artists.

      • Didn’t feel any criticism at all, my photos are all about source material, I am such a point and click photographer, I don’t have the patience to deal with focus or aperture type details. X

  2. Hello Karen, lovely to see you back. So sorry life has been tough for you but great that new opportunities have come from that. Your rose drawing is wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing your posts as you make them. Sending metta from the far side of the world (England!).

    • It is great to be back and sharing with you all again. I have lots to show you on what I have been doing and what is coming up. I am off today to visit a nursery that has 110 rare sweet peas in flower in their test garden, can’t wait to see and smell them all. Thanks for your good wishes.

  3. It looks as though life is taking a good turn. Your art is magnificent. I completely understand about the grieving process, I too lost my mom, dad and husband in a 1 1/2 (2015-2016) year span. I had to stop blogging as well. But, I have started up again and the process is very freeing to me. I’m very excited to hear about your new art adventure. Hugs to you Karen

  4. Your rose is beautiful and I wish you all the best with your new art project….

  5. Hi Karen,
    I’m so sorry life has been incredibly sad for you this past year. My heart goes out to you. Your rose is breath taking! Your artwork is always so beautiful and inspiring. I’m excited to hear more of where you are headed creatively. I too have been blog-less. So many changes in life!

    • Thanks Cathe, you may be blogless, but you are busy again on instagram and making more of your beautiful work. Life does seem to throw some curve ball at times. But there are still so many beautiful things to draw and make us happy.

  6. I’m so pleased to see you back Karen, and with what a magnificent drawing! As Julie said, seeing how large it is in the final photo really adds to the power of it. I love the way it is emerging as the colours intensify. You have had a big year in so many ways, these life-changing events do make you step back and re-evaluate (I can empathise, losing my mother and brother within 8 months, but then both of my daughters marrying and now a wonderful grand-daughter. It really makes one take stock!) It sounds as though you are re-energising and taking back the best bits! Looking forward to what comes next!

  7. Oh yes! The future is an exciting place!

  8. Hi Karen, Your rose is stunning. I appreciate learning about your process and look forward to seeing the complete piece. You have been missed. I am very sorry you have had such a difficult year. I have found art helpful in the recovery process.

    • Hi Nancy, it is so good to be back and you are right art has really helped me through this last year and I will share what I have been making over the last year with you soon. I love seeing other people’s process so try to share mine to reciprocate.

  9. Sorry to hear you have been such an awful time, I have missed your posts. You rose is looking so beautiful, I would love to read more about your technique and wish you all the best going forward.

    • Thanks for your kind words Christine. My technique is fairly simple, I do a basic under painting with sennelier inks, then add my colour pencils. I like a really thick layer up to 5-6 layers of colours often different colours on top of each other, blending them in together. This give a density and richness of colour that I love. I have just been talking to Julie Pdstolski, (a true colour pencil master) on her blog and she uses oil pastels under her colour pencil for stunning works. It is so interesting to see how different artists work. Karen

  10. I love your work and I share your fascination with Australian native Orchids too. I even grow a few here in the UK. Glad you have returned to blogging and so sorry you have had such a hard year. Hugs, Darren

    • Thanks Darren, so pleased you dropped by my blog. How fabulous you grow Australian orchids in the UK. Many of the native ones around us are linked to fungus in the soil to grow, so I will have to enjoy them in the wild. Karen.

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