Because I am a little proud of my town and I have people asking me what it is like to live in Melbourne, I have put this little information page together.

I have lived in a number of places in Australia and around the world and I choose to make Melbourne my home.

Basic Information

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia and the second largest city in Australia.  We were voted the most livable city in the world in 2011.  It is situated on Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra River flows through the centre.  We have a population of around 4 million and we are called Melbournians.

We are seen as the most European of Australian cities and have a large number of beautiful Victorian buildings  built during the Gold Rush (1850-1880) period in which Melbourne was the world’s richest city  and second largest city after  London in the British Empire.

Melbourne is seen as the cultural and sporting centre of Australia, we held the Olympics in 1956 and currently hold the Australian Grand Prix, Australian Tennis Open and Melbourne Cup here.

Iconic Melbourne Images

Flinders St Station

My Favourite Bits

Food  Melbourne is Australia’s food capital, we have such a high standard of food and coffee from , the smallest coffee shop to the finest restaurants, Melbourne has the best food in general.  I work in the hospitality industry and although Sydney has many great restaurants, I don’t think you can better Melbourne for overall quality.  We love to dine out and in particularly we love to breakfast.  All over the city on the weekend, all day long Melbournians will be out enjoying breakfast.

Parks  Our parks just keep getting better and we get out and enjoy them more and more.  We love to cycle, walk our dogs, picnic and just wander in all our parks and gardens.  We have great Victorian parks filled with botanic specimens and flower gardens as well as more natural trails through the bush beside the Yarra River.  We have amazing bike trails that let you cycle all through the town and right into the city.

Climate  Melbourne has a very Mediterranean climate.  Hot dry summers and cool wet winters. I love the fact we have four seasons, unlike further north where it is warm all the time with only tropical wet or dry conditions.  (Yes, in the southern hemisphere north means warmer weather)

Proximity to Great Regions  Melbourne is on the Bay and close to some of the best beaches in the world.  In under an hour’s drive you can be at the beach, or you can go inland to great wine regions like Mornington or Daylesford and in winter we are close enough to the Australian Alps that we can go snow skiing!

Inner City Life The centre of Melbourne has really come alive in the last 20 years, we have developed our laneways into major shopping and dining areas and the graffiti art that is being painted in them has gained international recognition.  Although we have all the international shops, there are many local artist, designers and  crafts people who are opening really interesting shops in and around the city.  Our cafe culture is really strong and I love to spend a day walking around these shops and having lunch with friends at one of the new cafes that has opened up.

4 responses to “Melbourne

  1. I love Melbourne! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Makes me want to travel. You do a good job of selling your city. By the way, what is postcrossing?

    • It is easy to sell what you like and I do love Melbourne. Postcrossing is a great little project where you join up and members send postcards to each other. It is fun and you get to send and recieve cards from all over the world. See my first blog for a longer description and link.

  3. I’m a fan of Melbourne too! Have seen many cities and Melbourne will forever my my home.

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