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Easter Drawing (Better late than Never)


Hope everyone had a happy Easter, I had a lovely one and in fact I am still enjoying my Easter break. We have another public holiday on Friday so I am having the whole week off. Yah, loads of time for art.

In fact I have been playing with my new art supplies, and getting ready for even more! Yes I went a little wild before Easter, feeling a little down so engaged in some retail, art supply therapy, nothing better.

I finally got around to buying the new prismacolor colours, so even more now and then I bought some spray inks to play with. I haven’t got too far with them, I find the spray a bit intimidating, where is the control!! (I really need to loosen up and let go).

But my biggest extravagance was the Caran d’Arche pencils. I have been lusting after these for years and finally found them on a British website for $100s less than I can get them here. (Australia is one of the most expensive counties).

So I now have 214 coloured pencils and they needed a home fit for the lot of them. So I have been making a new pencil box to house them in style and full display all Easter. I will post it later this week, it is still not yet finished.

To keep the journal going I did a quick Easter drawing of eggs, while munching on some of my bounty. I wanted to do so something soft and pretty, that was a mass of colour. I am not usually that good a pretty, but I think these get close.


New toys for a new medium

Carving the Pardalote

I am have been getting together my tools for my next printmaking course.  This one is more about working in the studio at Australian Print Workshop.  When I complete this course I will be able to go in and use the workshop whenever I want.  It is like getting my studio license.  I will need to have all I need to do the printing so I have been having fun getting new art supplies.  It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Carving the Pardalote

Carving the Pardalote

I have bought some beautiful lino/wood carving tools.  I decided to spend a little more and get some decent tools that will hold their edge and feel good.  Then of course I had to buy some sharpening stones to keep the edges sharp.  Still trying to get the knack of a really sharp edge (any suggestions or tool sharpening tips greatly appreciated).

New Carving Tools

New Carving Tools

I decided to redo the bird prints that I did previously on a larger scale with the right colours this time.  So I have wood shavings flying and some sore fingers, but very proud to say no blood as yet.

The bench hook (board that I am carving on) is very special to me, it is my late fathers cedar drawing board which my cousin partner turned into a bench hook as it was no longer smooth enough to use for drawing.  Thanks Chris, it is already in good use.

Having so much fun, there is nothing like a new project.


PS a special hello to all my friends in Paris at the moment, have fun, relax and partake in all that great cuisine.


My Latest Love (in Art Materials)

Sennelier Inks

Sennelier Inks

Santa was very clever this year (well really my brother and sister-in-law took the none to subtle hint) and I received a bunch of lovely Sennelier Inks for Christmas this year.  Oh bliss and many bright, shiny, colourful things.  Actually it was an Artistic Christmas with my sister, niece and nephew giving me many A1 Plastic sleeves to protect my completed art work. (not sure if they are dog proof.  See August Post)

It is ironic that when I visited Sennelier Art Store in Paris in May (See Paris Art Shop May), I did not know about their inks.  It was not until I did a drawing class in November that I found out about these fabulous inks.  They are a traditional shellac based ink with a transparent satin finish, with colours that just glow.  They blend and dilute beautifully and when put on neat they even have a slight shine to them.

Sennelier Inks

Sennelier Inks

I am thinking of using them for the backgrounds for the pencil drawings as well as with black ink outlines.  So much opportunity, don’t you just love new art materials, they are such an inspiration.


Budburst in Champagne

Budburst Champagne

Here is a quick sketch I did of the champagne vines, they are just starting to put out their leaves and you could still clearly see the old twisted trunks.  The contract between the bright green of the new leaves and the grey, old trunks was lovely.

The vines here are much shorter than Australia, they would not have been more than 3-4 feet tall while ours are around 5 feet.  I think that these grapes when they grow up will become Moet-Chandon Champagne, such a fine future they have in front of them.  Years of resting and cosseting in the caves and then being sent off all around the world for people to drink in celebration of their life special moments.  I bought a bottle of vintage champagne from the Champagne house where we stayed to drink later in the year for my special moment, my 50th birthday.

Japense Ink pen

I also managed to buy a couple of pens at my favourite Paris art shop, and one of them was a Japanese ink pen.  It has a brush on either end, one black and the other grey.  It is very lovely to draw with and I was happy with the lines it made.  I wish I could tell you the name of it, but it is all in Japanese.



Paris Art Shop

Sennier Art Shop Paris

When I was planning my trip to Paris, I looked up Art Stores and found a great video on Sennelier Art Shop, it looked so fantastic I had to go.

Sennelier Art Shop

Sennelier has been there since the 1800s and you can only imagine which artist they have supplied in that time.  It is still in it original fit out with lovely wooden cabinets and shelving.  It is full of wonderful colours, paints, pencils, pens and papers.  It was a bit overwhelming in some ways, full of serious Parisian artists, very earnestly discussing the pros and cons of the various products, an over excited Aussie jumping up and down did not fit in.  But the Parisians are tolerant and were very helpful,  I found a few things but it was the paper that was the most inspiring.

They go on shopping trips all over the world and bring back all this amazing hand-made paper.  The most stunning rice papers from Japan and Thailand, coloured paper from Bhutan and Senegal made from their native vegetation, paper from India and so much more.  Huge pieces of paper that would have been four times the size of A1.  (Could not figure out how to get that home, and did I need to be contemplating drawings that big!!)   I finally decided on the coloured paper form Bhutan and Senegal and some thicker Thai paper.  As I sit here writing this I think I should go back and get some more.

My paper form Sennelier Paris

I have been drawing, but the pace of sight seeing has picked up, been taking a lot of reference photos and when we slow down in Sancerre I will be doing more drawing.  Today we are off to Champagne, so I think that will be more of the drinking and less of the drawing again.  Oh well its a tough job, but someone has to do it.