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Waratah 1


It has been a while since I have done a coloured pencil drawing of a flower, so on my mini holiday I decided to draw a Waratah that I had bought for my office. It is so nice to have flowers in my office at work as I spend so much time there it makes the space so much more pleasant.

I have really enjoyed doing this drawing, it was so nice to work with the familiar. I tried to give the flower more space on the page, I do like a lot of white paper to show and too give the subject room.


I did the under painting of this picture with my Sennelier inks and really liked the results, so I think I will do another just in ink, it gives such a fresh look.

I have added some more pictures of my holiday to share with you, it has been a lovely time away, very relaxing and rejuvenating. I will be ready now for the final rush up to Christmas and the summer holidays. Combining Christmas and the summer holiday break as we do in Australia makes for a very busy time.


This is my holiday studio, such a lovely view down to the valley.


This is one of the beaches on the Great Ocean Rd, I added this one for you Jennifer Tan.


This one I couldn’t resist, a Australian farmers Christmas scene, I drove past and had to come back for a photo, just to get into the Christmas spirit.