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Seasons of Colour – March, Autumn


I am up in my house in Castlemaine, enjoying the lovely autumn weather, this in the best time of year in Central Victoria. I am having a lazy afternoon drawing in the sun on my bed with the French windows open. It really doesn’t get better than this.


Doing well so far and have already completed March’s drawing.

All at once the seasons have turned. Autumn arrived almost instantly. The weather cooled, the nights became almost frosty and the clear sunny days of autumn are here. This is my favourite time of year. It is still warm and sunny, but the burning heat is gone. We have a long, slow descent into winter. Everything seems to relax and breath a sigh of relief to have the heat of February behind us.

I saw this pea vine wrapping around and through an old palling fence. The bright orange flowers against the weathered grey was such a striking colour combination. The leaves have not turned yet, but here is a splash of autumn orange.