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Post Card 8 Lighthouse to Barcelona

This was an interesting postcard.  Jordi has been a Postcrossing member for five years and had a great profile.  There were many areas of interest and I had a lot of ideas but Lighthouses were one of his favourites so I went with that.

  • Topic  I decided to do a drawing of Cape Schank Lighthouse which is not only one of the closest lighthouses to were I live, but I also have a been in it.  A friend of mine knew one of the last light house keepers of Cape Schank, and we went to stay a weekend with the lighthouse keeper and his wife.  Had a great time, but my best memory is of sitting up in the tower, watching the sun go down and being told stories of what it is like to be a lighthouse keeper around Australia.  What an amazing experience!
  • Decided to keep it colourful and simple.  Acrylic and coloured pencils.  Simple shapes and high wide horizons.
  • Happy with the outcome, I don’t do a lot of architectural drawings, but a lighthouse is nice and simple.  I love the white against the blue of the ocean and sky.

Hurray!  Jordi loved his card and replied

“Hola Karen!
Thanks a lot for your wonderful Cape Schank Lighthouse postcard, without doubt the most beautiful lighthouse postcard I ever received, i looove it, you´re a BIG artist!!
Please, you can send me your address? I´m really happy if i can send you a Barcelona thank you card in return. 😉
Your card put a big smile in my face, you make my day happy, THANKS!!!
All the best, Jordi”