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Le Chat Sancerre

La Chat Sancerre

We sat outside for dinner last night as it was such a mild evening.  The Italian Restaurant was under our friends apartment and they saw this cat everyday sleeping in a new place in this little square.  The cat strolled past us as we were having dinner and leapt onto this ledge and settled in for a very comfy cat nap.  I could not resist it.   It has nearly turned itself upside down, and I love its little paw tucked up under its chin.

So Grace and Tomi, here is your cat friend and thank you for being such good friends to us during my short stay.  It is amazing how you can create such good friendships in such a short time, it was a lovely group of people so I must also thank Dorothy and Tom and I hope Elizabeth gets safe back from Paris.  Enjoy your week of French immersion and Au revoir, mon amis.


Post Card 11 Sleeping Cat to Netherlands

I have another postcard to the Netherlands.  Netherlands and USA are my main destinations.

  • Topic Alexandra listed her main likes for postcards as fairy tales and cats.  I decided on cats again, but I did not want to do another realistic one like the Coon Cat, while that was very popular.  I decided to do a sleeping cat.  The way cats curl up to sleep fascinates me and I found a great picture of one curled around almost upside down.  I started to outline the picture with a few lines so I could get the proportion right on the postcard, then stopped.  I liked it just as it was.  10 lines was all it needed, loose, free and a bit abstract.
  • Medium  Having got the lines on paper, I simply went over them in black pen and that was it.  Hopefully less is more.
  • Outcome  I like, but I know what it is, showed others and they got it finally.  So not sure how it will go down, but I love the flowing lines and its enigma, maybe it is just like cats?

So enough of the cats, I need to give dogs equal time.  Where are the dog lovers on Postcrossing?

Post Card 3 – Coon Cat to California

Maine Coon Cat to California

My next card is off to California, it is going to the Jensen Family.  They love their cats and they have a Main Coon and a Persian Cat.  I have heard about Main Coons they are big, fluffy cats with amazing eyes and huge ears.  Now I must admit at this point I am a dog lover, but cats eyes are amazing. 

It is interesting what people lead off with in their profile.  The previous postcard went to the Russian couple whose first words were about how much they loved each other, while the Jenson’s led with their cats.  I started with my name and where I live, how prosaic.  I need to go back and revisit my profile as the most important things in my life are not my name and address.  Yep, just went back and had another look at my profile and it is not showing what is really important to me in a dynamic way… now I just have to figure how to do just that.

  • Topic  Did not have to go far to get the topic, but what was I to do with it.  I have rarely drawn a cat before and I it scares me.  I looked up Main Coon cats, and they are great.  So did I want to do a caricature, a full length portrait or what.  No ideas came.  I had to go back to what I loved about cats and it is their eyes, so vivid in colour, unlike dog’s usual brown.  So finally settled on this picture of a close up of a main coon’s eye.  I can tell you, the eye was fine to draw but how was I going to get all that fur to work.
  • Medium  Decided to go with a more natural style, still with coloured pencils but this time no outlines, no ink.  This is a different style for me, I really like a good outline,  crisp definition between objects.  A good discipline to forgo this and let the shading delineate the differences in the cats face.
  • Outcome  Wasn’t so happy when I initially finished it.  Had to walk away from it, as I was frightened I would over work it.  Apart from the nose it came together fairly quickly.  I was good and worked the drawing up gradually from light to dark, working over the whole picture rather than finishing one area before going on.  Except for the eye of course, but that was the fun bit.  But when I came back to it I was pleased , it has worked surprisingly well.  Happy after all, some times drawings just need space apart and fresh eyes.

Pleased to let this little cat out into the world.  It can leave this house of dogs and wing its way over to California. Hope they like it.

This is the reply I received from the Jensen Family

“wow – when your card arrived we were all amazed that someone would go to the effort to create such a work of art for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We all love the project you have created and are happy that we were lucky enough to be included. We looked at your web page and checked out the other 4 cards you have created and think they are awesome. Thank you again for doing such a great drawing and good luck with your future drawings, I know the recipients will be most happy when they receive them.

happy post crossings,
the Jensen Family”