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Meadow Flowers

May Meadow Flowers

I left early in the morning to drive from Sancerre to the Airport, it was going to be a lovely day though a bit of fog was still laying in the valleys.  As I drove through the little villages, the fog lifted and the sun came through onto the field of barley and it had cornflowers and poppies all through it.  It was stunning and I had wanted a picture of a barley field, so yet another u-turn.

So I have made another attempt at the meadow flower picture and am happier with this one, (ten more tries and I might nail it).  I am so glad that I got to see the meadow flowers as this is not something that we have in such profusion in Australia through the crops.  We have stunning wild flower displays which are beautiful bit it is always interesting to see the flowers that we nurture and cosset at home growing in the wild.  Cornflowers are a particular favourite of mine.