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Painting in Return

Yesterday I received a fabulous surprise.  Not only had a postcard arrived for me, (this is the third), but it was a beautiful painting done especially for me!!!

This was so special and for a couple of reasons.  The first was because someone had taken the time and effort to not only paint me a picture but chose a topic close to my heart, cooking.  I love the softness of the watercolour and the choice of colours are beautiful.  Such a nice contract to the high intensity colour I like to use.

The scan has not done it justice, the background is a soft wash of that lovely teal colour and there is much more detail that hasn’t come out.  Magrietha covered the painting in contact so it could be sent as a postcard without damage which is a great idea, but I think it has affected the scan.

I also love this postcard as now I know what it is like to get a hand painted card made especially for you.  I do hope that my postcards have given/will give a small amount of the happiness to their recipients as this one has given to me.

Thank you Magrietha from Rotterdam, your card has put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

Love Postcrossing