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Post Card 11 Sleeping Cat to Netherlands

I have another postcard to the Netherlands.  Netherlands and USA are my main destinations.

  • Topic Alexandra listed her main likes for postcards as fairy tales and cats.  I decided on cats again, but I did not want to do another realistic one like the Coon Cat, while that was very popular.  I decided to do a sleeping cat.  The way cats curl up to sleep fascinates me and I found a great picture of one curled around almost upside down.  I started to outline the picture with a few lines so I could get the proportion right on the postcard, then stopped.  I liked it just as it was.  10 lines was all it needed, loose, free and a bit abstract.
  • Medium  Having got the lines on paper, I simply went over them in black pen and that was it.  Hopefully less is more.
  • Outcome  I like, but I know what it is, showed others and they got it finally.  So not sure how it will go down, but I love the flowing lines and its enigma, maybe it is just like cats?

So enough of the cats, I need to give dogs equal time.  Where are the dog lovers on Postcrossing?