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New Portrait underway

Paper Lace

Paper Lace

Here is a quick preview of the latest portrait I am working on.  It has incorporated my newest fascination (such a kinder word than obsession) with paper cut art.

I have cut out some of this paper lace which I will probably use over the portrait.  Really enjoyed doing this and it was an extension from cutting out my grevillea.




The person I am doing the portrait of is a lovely friend who has a fantastic style, I see her pattern as a beautiful, french baroque in clear, pastel colours, I am channeling the divine palette that was used in the movie Marie Antoinette.  Then I will use the lovely lace overlay in dark grey, to give further style and mystery to the work.

As you can see I have only started to add the colour to the background, it is being done in oil pastels this time, for something different.  I hope to make it a little soft on the edges rather than my usual crisp style, it is fun to break out the pastels again and they give a certain lushness to the work which is rather baroque.

I still longingly look at my lino cutting tools, but the wrist is still giving me trouble so I must keep away from them until I can get it sorted.




Welshmans Reef Landscape 2 Oil Pastel

Here is another of my earlier works.  I painteded it around the same time as the Rosemary work, when I was experimenting with oil pastels.  It is a landscape of where I used to live in Central Victoria near Castlemaine.  It is a small painting about A2.

I enjoy this painting’s simplicity, just three main colours of green, blue and white.  It was painted on a clear autumn morning, when the sharp frosts seem to make the colours (as well as everything else) clear and sharp.

Taking Stocks

Taking Stocks

This is another of my earlier oil pastel works in the same series as Rosemary Twigs and Magnolia.  This is the most abstract work that I have done, which makes me fond of it.

I am wanting to push my work further away from realism.  While I admire highly realistic work, I would rather but more of my vision and how I see and interpret the object into my work.  I also like pushing coloured pencils into other areas as they are mostly seen as a medium for the realistic work.


Another of my earlier works.  It was done at the same time as the Rosemary.  It is from a photo I took of an amazing Magnolia tree while I was holidaying in New Zealand.  It is A1 size done in oil pastels.

Sprigs of Rosemary

Sprigs of Rosemary   Oil Pastel A1 size

This is one of my earlier works.  It is from a series of oil pastel works that I did in the early 2000.  I had not worked with oil pastels before and had a lot of fun with these works.  It is not so different from my pencil work as they are a build up of layers.  With the oil pastels I would add a layer of pastel then blend it together with turps then add another layer on top.  I loved the depth of colour this gave me and it was interesting to work with oil pastel as you had to work in a bolder manner as I was not familiar enough with the medium to gain much fine detail.

This is one of my favourite works.  I really struggled with the composition as it is just a mass of rosemary, but I like how it worked out.