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Paper Art

Roger Brown Kernal Detail

Rogan Brown Kernal Detail

As my print making has come to a bit of a halt, I have been investigating some other areas of interest, and one of these I have found out comes under the heading of paper art.  Where the paper stops just being a surface for my chosen medium to rest upon, but is the medium for the art to be made out of itself.  I love this twist on things.

I have long been thinking of cutting out the shapes of my work, especially the grevilleas and I have gone part of the way with cutting out the last one from its failed background and intend to take this concept further.  But investigating this I have found a whole new world of creativity, which just make me smile.

The amazing things that artists around the world are doing is so inspiring, so I thought I would share some of them with you and show you what is inspiring me at the moment.

One of the first Paper Artist I found was Rogan Brown and he has a number of these amazing works, the first picture is a close up of his work Kernal.  The intricate details of his cutting and the layers that build up to his images are so elegant.

Kristen Hassenfeld Paper Art Installations 4

Kirsten Hassenfeld Paper Art Installations 4

These delicately lit installations by Kirsten Hassenfeld also blew my mind.  I love that the paper essentially a two dimensional object has been made into a three dimensional creation and the adding of lights just takes it a further step.  I want one!

Giselle, réalisée pour la galerie de l' Opéra Garnier, 2009 (hauteur 65 cm)

Giselle, réalisée pour la galerie de l’ Opéra Garnier, 2009
(hauteur 65 cm)

I found this lovely paper sculpture lamp on a french blog, how ethereal and beautiful is this.

Kristi Malakoff Maibaum (detail) 2009 Black paper, black foam core, hardware

Kristi Malakoff
Maibaum (detail)
Black paper, black foam core, hardware

I love the sheer joy of this installations, and to think it is life sized.

Here are a few images I adore, but I can’t find who the artists are.

From a website catalog but no artist named

From a website catalog but no artist named

I could go on and on, but if you want to see more images you can visit my pinterest site for more images I have of delicious paper art.  I have found pinterest very useful for gathering images for my work and you will find many other boards that I have for different projects and interests.

Jelly fish lights - unknown

Jelly fish lights – unknown

New Portrait underway

Paper Lace

Paper Lace

Here is a quick preview of the latest portrait I am working on.  It has incorporated my newest fascination (such a kinder word than obsession) with paper cut art.

I have cut out some of this paper lace which I will probably use over the portrait.  Really enjoyed doing this and it was an extension from cutting out my grevillea.




The person I am doing the portrait of is a lovely friend who has a fantastic style, I see her pattern as a beautiful, french baroque in clear, pastel colours, I am channeling the divine palette that was used in the movie Marie Antoinette.  Then I will use the lovely lace overlay in dark grey, to give further style and mystery to the work.

As you can see I have only started to add the colour to the background, it is being done in oil pastels this time, for something different.  I hope to make it a little soft on the edges rather than my usual crisp style, it is fun to break out the pastels again and they give a certain lushness to the work which is rather baroque.

I still longingly look at my lino cutting tools, but the wrist is still giving me trouble so I must keep away from them until I can get it sorted.