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Parisian Door Handles

Paris Door Handle

Hi, stopped drinking Champagne long enough to finish off my drawing.

When I was wandering around the streets of Paris, lost (ish), being a complete tourist and I noticed this door handle.  So beautiful that I had to take a photograph.  The streets are completely lined with these gorgeous apartment buildings and between the shops they have these massive double doors leading up to the apartments on the upper levels.  I spent I lot of my time walking, looking up at these ornate and beautiful buildings.  At first glance they all look the same, but each one is slightly different with  unique decoration and style.   I have no shame and am more than happy to stand and wonder at the amazing things I see, and not just when I am away.  It drives my fiends and family crazy.

Of course once I had noticed one I noticed all the others and 20 shots later knew I had a new obsession, new photo gallery and new art series, if I can make them work.  So this is my first rough one, still needs some refinement.

I used my new watercolour pencils and ink pens.  I wanted the contrast between the full colour of the wood background and the black and white metal handle.  Not sure if this is the best answer, any opinions greatly appreciated.

The pace of the holiday is slowing down now as we slid into the country side, Champagne is amazing and not just the wine.  Went down into the caves at Moet & Chandon, they were amazing with the colours and perspective of the miles of vaulted tunnels.

I know I am shamefully behind with the sketches, put I have the ideas and reference images so it will be full steam ahead to get back on track.

See you soon


Paris Art Shop

Sennier Art Shop Paris

When I was planning my trip to Paris, I looked up Art Stores and found a great video on Sennelier Art Shop, it looked so fantastic I had to go.

Sennelier Art Shop

Sennelier has been there since the 1800s and you can only imagine which artist they have supplied in that time.  It is still in it original fit out with lovely wooden cabinets and shelving.  It is full of wonderful colours, paints, pencils, pens and papers.  It was a bit overwhelming in some ways, full of serious Parisian artists, very earnestly discussing the pros and cons of the various products, an over excited Aussie jumping up and down did not fit in.  But the Parisians are tolerant and were very helpful,  I found a few things but it was the paper that was the most inspiring.

They go on shopping trips all over the world and bring back all this amazing hand-made paper.  The most stunning rice papers from Japan and Thailand, coloured paper from Bhutan and Senegal made from their native vegetation, paper from India and so much more.  Huge pieces of paper that would have been four times the size of A1.  (Could not figure out how to get that home, and did I need to be contemplating drawings that big!!)   I finally decided on the coloured paper form Bhutan and Senegal and some thicker Thai paper.  As I sit here writing this I think I should go back and get some more.

My paper form Sennelier Paris

I have been drawing, but the pace of sight seeing has picked up, been taking a lot of reference photos and when we slow down in Sancerre I will be doing more drawing.  Today we are off to Champagne, so I think that will be more of the drinking and less of the drawing again.  Oh well its a tough job, but someone has to do it.


Carousel Tuileries Gardens

Carousal Tuileries Gardens

Yesterday I went for the walk in the Tuileries Gardens and came across this lovely Carousal, how perfect.  It was cool, but a lovely, sunny, spring day and it was such a perfect image I had to capture it.  Was waiting for Mary Poppins to show up and take us galloping away on the horses.

I love Paris, it is everything I hoped it would be, but so real.  These fabulous surroundings aren’t museums this is their everyday life, which makes them so vibrant.

First Parisian Sketch

Bedroom Window

I am in Paris!

I did a quick sketch of my bedroom window.  I am lucky to be traveling with beautiful friends who have rented this divine apartment in Paris.  It is everything that you have dreamed a Paris apartment should be and this is a sketch of my window.

I have used my new watercolour pencils and  such a joy.  First I coloured a section in then I painted over it with my water brush and the jewel colours came out.  It is like when you are beach combing and you find a plain shell, then when you wet it all the colours appear.  Such fun.  My only disappointment with them is they have not put the colour on the outside of the pencils, they have the plain wooden outside, while pretty makes colour identification a real pain.

I have tried to be loose and free and pleased with my first try.  I am off to the Tuileries Garden today so I hope to have a couple more sketches, before lunch with a friend.

Building in Champs Elysees

Although this blog is about painting I just wanted to share this photo I took yesterday on my iPhone.  The lovely buildings are great, but my neck is getting sore looking up all the time.  I am an unabashed tourist.

Au revoir


All these pretty colours

Prismacolour Watercolour Pencils Swatches

I am packed and ready to fly off on my holiday.  In my preparations I bought some watercolour pencils.  I purchased 24 Prismacolour watercolour pencils and I made a quick colour chart (in my brand new journal).  This is something that I always do with new art supplies.  It provides me with a guide to the actual colours of the materials and is such a wonderful bonding time with my new colours.  I do love to play with pretty, new toys.

Although I had planned to buy the Derwent Inktense, they were not in stock, and I needed instant gratification.  I already love Prismacolour Coloured Pencils so the choice was made.  I am very happy so far with them, the colours are great and the pencils very soft and creamy.  The colours changed a lot when wet, so I am glad I made the chart and had a little play, but they are intense and dissolved well in water.  Can’t wait to start working with them.

Prismacolour Coloured Pencils Swatches

I was so pleased with my new acquisition and the colours they made, I decided to share them with you and the ones I made with my Prismacolour Colour Pencils.  These I cut out as I use them as colour chips and will often to match colours with items, (it is so easy to pick up the chip and hold it up to an item) or I group them together when I am trying to figure out a colour scheme.  I also just play with them, cause it is fun and I love pretty colours.

Well my next post will be from Paris