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Spotted Pardelote Linocut

Pardalote Two colour print

Pardalote Two colour print

Here is my second linocut.  It is a Spotted Pardelote, which is a tiny finch like bird that used to nest in the banks on our property near Castlemaine.  They are lovely little birds.  The colours are not right, but as this is only a practice piece while learning the techniques we didn’t have a choice of colour.

Pardalote  print Red

Pardalote print Red

This is what is called a reduction print.  You carve out all the areas that you want to leave white (or the colour of the paper) then print with your next colour, in this case red.  Then you carve out the areas that you want red and print with your next colour, in this case black.  You can keep printing as many colours you like, but two was enough for our experiment.

I was really happy with how the bird turned out and can’t wait to do another one of this image with the right colouring.  I think a woodcut.