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Meet Rosie our New Puppy

Rosie amongst the pot plants. Water colour and ink

We have a new addition to our family, a little, red, border collie named Rosie.  She is a little bundle of joy and trouble and has stolen all our hearts.  Well perhaps not our older dog Hannah, but they are getting along ok and will be good friends in time.        
My neice’s dog came to visit and he was so wonderfully gentle with her, for such a boisterous boy.  She is only nine weeks old, but is able to hold her own with the older dogs.

I have been busy with the garden and working on the house, so haven’t been doing as much art as I had hoped, but as we settle into our new routines I hope to be doing more.  

Here are some puppy photos for you to enjoy.


Hannah and Rosie

Rosie playing peek-a-boo from under the coach

Playing with Max when he came for a visit

Picture Revisted for Christmas

Looking down on Sancerre

Looking down on Sancerre

Grace one of the lovely people I met on my trip to France earlier in the year asked me to paint a picture from my journal for her Mum (who I also met) for Christmas.  What an honour and what a lovely gift idea.

I wanted to do Looking down on Sancerre, as it was taken from a photo that Grace took after I had left.  I have never re-painted a picture before and I was nervous about it.  But I finally took the plunge and thought this would be a good occasion to use some of the paper I found in my oh so favourite French Art Shop Sennelier.  (Yes it has been sitting in the paper portfolio, waiting for a special occasion to be used, mostly it just get taken out, admired, petted and put back as being too special to use).

After much nervous waiting, thinking the picture had been lost in the post somewhere between Australia and Florida, when I got a lovely email from Tomi with a photo of my picture framed and hanging on her wall.  I can’t tell you how happy that made me, to see one of my paintings hanging on a friends wall so far away.  That bit of paper had travelled so far from its origins in Thailand, to France then to Australia and finally to America, it should get frequent flyer points.

Here is the original painting, I think I have captured its freshness, while giving it a little bit of polish.