Tortoiseshell Poulet

Tortiseshell Silky Chicken Champagne

This is one of the fabulous chickens that were at the B&B we stayed at in Champagne.  Isn’t she great, I looked her up and I think she is a tortoiseshell Silky.  I am a bit of a chock lover especially the rare breeds.  This was an enormous bird, they clearly had a very fine life.

I am going to be jumping around a bit time wise, as I am trying to catch up on some of the days I have missed doing a drawing on.  I am only four drawing down so I may catch up.  The weather is still dull and wet, but tomorrow it all changes for the better and I have a couple of days of 26.  Yeh, I will be so glad to break out the summer clothes, getting a bit tired of jeans and jumpers.



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