Sturt Desert Pea Lino Cut

Sturt Desert Pea Hand coloured pencil

Sturt Desert Pea Hand coloured pencil

I have printed my Desert Pea Lino cut.  Very happy with my first lino cut in more than 20 years.  This was a single colour print in black, printed on a press and I have hand coloured this one with coloured pencils. Of course!  The press we printed it one was really lovely, a 1860s, huge wrought iron number with great big levers and gorgeous scroll work.  They don’t make them like that any more.

Sturt Desert Pea printed


Here is an uncoloured one.  I went back and carved out the background for the next ones, for a bit of a different look.

Sturt Desert Pea Hand Printed

Sturt Desert Pea Hand Printed

This one is hand printed so the colour is not so intense and the background has been carved out.

Sturt Desert Pea Hand Printed Rice paper

Sturt Desert Pea Hand Printed Rice paper

Again this was hand printed, but onto Japanese rice paper and the printed is much darker.  This I really love and will doing more of.  (The image is chopped off because I scanned it around the wrong way!!!, but you get the idea).

I am currently on a little holiday for a quick week off work while I have a moment in a very busy year.  Sitting at Deans March (behind Lorne on the Great Ocean Road), stunning beaches and forest, that would be rain forest as it has been raining constantly for the last 24 hours.  Still cosy inside my cottage with the wood fire, my little dog and new lino cutting tools and loads of lino and wood to cut.  Great Big Happy sigh.

Hannah 'Sleepy head'

Hannah ‘Sleepy head’

New Desert Pea lino

New Desert Pea lino

Bye Karen


10 responses to “Sturt Desert Pea Lino Cut

  1. Love the green stem. Glorious.

  2. The prints are beautiful. Really striking! I like all the images very much.

  3. Beautiful Karen! I think Sturt Desert Pea lends itself perfectly to lino, with its strong forms and colours, and you have got a great result, so vibrant.

  4. The lino cut goes so well with your style, Karen. I like seeing how it looks before you color it when it is full of fascinating shapes. And then you color it with such wonderful hues that the picture sings!
    I hope you enjoy your holiday!

    • Thanks Ruth, having a great holiday, I brought all my art things down and just spending my days drawing, cutting Lino, walking the dogs and cooking. Bliss, but my arms are sore from the Lino cutting, I do get carried away.

  5. Ok I know you did this a while ago but I’m just getting back into it and i loved reading about this project. I really liked seeing the different ways you printed it and I think your design really lends itself to printing. And I LOVED your description of your holiday. I could feel, a cozy cottage, a cute dog, rain outside, and new tools. Delicious!!!!! Hopefully mug of good tea too.

    • Thanks Jenn, It was a lovely week away, and such fun to just potter about and do what you want. Many cups of coffee, great cheese and red wine were imbibed, wish I was there again.

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