Revisit and Renew – Grevilliea 2

Grevillea 2 Reborn Sep 13 Coloured Pencil, Ink and acrylic Paint  50 x 70cm

Grevillea 2 Reborn Sep 13
Coloured Pencil, Ink and acrylic paint 50 x 70cm

This painting was started in early 2012, and it was in an April blog.  I had given it a dark green background and it didn’t work, which made me sad as I loved the grevillea flower, it is one of my favourites.  So I put it away to wait for inspiration.   It was a long time coming, but it finally arrived.

Grevillea 2 Progress Waiting for the background

Grevillea 2 Progress Old background

After cutting out the paisleys and raising them up slightly off the painting, I though that the effect would work for this one.  I loved the 3D effect of cutting out the image and floating it above the page.  The shadows thrown by the image are fabulous, or at least I think so.

Grevillea 2 Detail

Grevillea 2 Detail

So nothing daunted I got out the knife and starting cutting into the picture.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the ugly backgound drop away the the flower to reappear again in all its glory.

Grevillea 2 Detail

Grevillea 2 Detail

This time I has wised up and used these great little foam, double sided glue dots, which were so much easier to use.

Happy with the result and so glad to have found a resolution to one of the problems in my portfolio.


20 responses to “Revisit and Renew – Grevilliea 2

  1. Oh so gorgeous and glorious x

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  2. Instant response – DELICOUS. i love grevillia too – but they don’t love me – ie if I touch one I get unbelievable skin allergy. Your piece is sublime.

  3. I love this, the dimensional aspect is great. Lovely work.

    • Thank you Micheal, I appreciate your comments and I enjoyed looking at your blog. I really understood your quest to make your art something more than ‘just another flower picture’. It is something close to my heart and I hope close to my work as well. Karen

  4. Beautiful and creative work Karen – love the colour!

  5. Great save, and great idea, Karen.

  6. This turned out beautifully Karen! I enjoyed reading about your process.

  7. I was away for all of October and missed many of your posts, so am sorry for such a late response! This is looking fabulous, what a great way to resolve a problem. And I agree about the shadows, they add a whole new dimension to the piece. I can see you are heading off on a wonderful new direction!

    • Thanks Anna, I have been having fun trying out new things, but have been extra busy at work and not had time to do much art. That should change this month. I enjoyed the art from your trip. Karen

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