Sardine restaurant at night. Acrylic paint, white pen and water colour

Sardine restaurant at night. Acrylic paint, white pen and water-colour

All technical difficulties resolved and a new power supply for the laptop, I can now get down to the serious business of showing your what I have put in my journal so far.

Ivory Resort walk way to our room

Ivory Resort walk way to our room

We spent the first three days in Seminyak, a very busy part of Bali, on the coast where some of the better shopping and dining is located.  So of course we shopped and dined.  I have to say as a foodie, the dining in Bali has been fabulous.  We have not had a bad meal from high-end dining to small little cafes.

Seminyak page in journal Watercolour and ink

Seminyak page in journal Watercolour and ink

Our hotel was really gorgeous with lots of water features and a great day bed.  I love a good day bed and tend to spend my time on them while drawing.

Lynette and I on the day bed Ivory Resort Seminyak

Lynette and I on the day bed Ivory Resort Seminyak

We were recommended Sardine restaurant by a friend who comes to Bali all the time.  An amazing place built of bamboo and set in its own rice field. Very beautiful and it is lit like a stage a night. I wanted to capture the feel of this and so went with the black background on which I drew in white, then coloured over in water colour.  I was surprised how well it worked and am happy that I have caught the feel of looking out over these ‘decorator’ rice fields while sipping my cocktail.  (its tough on holiday)

Sardine Page Journal Water colour and ink

Sardine Page Journal Water colour and ink

There were these great little geckos that would come out shyly from the roof tops to scamper across the wall above the day bed.  I found out that they were called Chichaks because that is the call they make.  Once I knew what the sound was I realised that you could hear them calling to each other in the evening.

Chichak gouache and ink

Chichak gouache and ink

You can see I had problems with the fountain pen, the Lamy safari travelled perfectly even with ink in it, but my Noodlers flex pen had a splurt when I tried to use it on this page.  The joys of travelling with art supplies.  As long as everything is in zip lock bags I am cool with the occasional spillage.


13 responses to “Seminyak

  1. Wonderful post Karen. Your journal is so much fun.

  2. I’m so into that night scene you did to lead off this post – super. Looks like a grand time. Day bed for art, coolness. What a great trip. Lucky lady! Nice!

    • I am lucky to be here and I am having a great time. Totally embracing the day bed. But I am so pleased you liked the night scene, not a technique I have tried before, I thought I worked, but it is always reassuring to get a second opinion.

  3. Karen, your journal is wonderful and so rich. I love your drawings and hand lettering. I love the day bed, looks to me like you could fit in one more…me perhaps 🙂

  4. Fantastic and beautiful entries! The first painting is lovely and has a nice ambience, you captured it well. Great virtual tour of Bali through the eyes of an artist, thank you for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful post, Karen. Your art is superb and I love the anecdotes. Your art and post is the best kind of souvenir – much better than buying stuff.

  6. Love your new blog header… 🙂
    And your gecko gouache is wonderful…did they come out to have a close look at you, despite their skittishness? I remember the lovely green geckos doing that with me in Kununurra many years ago. Lovely post.

    • The geckos would only poke their noses out for a moment if we were there and very still. It was impossible to get a close photo of them. I had to look them up on the Internet to find out what type they were and see the details.

  7. Lovely journal pages, can’t wait to experience more and more of your trip while on my couch….you really caught the gecko movement right on!

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